Michael Vick Back In The Spotlight After Prince Shembo Disaster

As if Michael Vick didn’t have enough of his own problems. The former Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Jets quarterback is looking for a job. Now, the arrest of Prince Shembo has put Michael Vick back in the spotlight for a situation he had likely thought was long behind him.

Shembo was arrested after he allegedly killed the dog of his former girlfriend. As if an NFL player who committed animal cruelty wasn’t enough to tie Shembo to Michael Vick, Prince is also an Atlanta Falcon. This had led more than a few people to see a kind of deja vu when it comes to Shembo’s and Michael Vick’s situations. All of this couldn’t have come at a worse time when it comes to Michael Vick.

There is already plenty stacked against Michael Vick when it comes to getting another shot in the NFL. There is the fact that he hasn’t exactly been all that successful when he has gotten the start. As NFL.com points out there was also the time that Michael Vick admitted he wasn’t well prepared when he entered a game against the San Diego Chargers. Michael Vick is now saying those comments were taken out of context and that he is working awfully hard in order to prove that to the league.

The veteran quarterback has said that last season was a definite wake-up call for him. Football has largely come easy to the mobile QB but he hit quite a few bumps in his career road in 2014. ProFootballTalk says that the admission he wasn’t ready to go into the game is something he might actually have more problems getting over than anything that happened earlier in his career. That was before the Prince Shembo situation went public. Now he has to overcome something someone else did, because he was indirectly tied into the situation.

It seems as though there’s a chance the odds are now stacked against him. A 34-year-old quarterback who isn’t known as a pure passer only has so many chances in the league. A 34-year-old quarterback who has a history of getting in trouble and who has now admitted he had some attitude issues is going to have some real problems getting people to listen to him when he claims he’s learned from his mistakes. If there’s anyone who is able to dodge and avoid this kind of pressure, it seems likely Michael Vick could do it.

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