WWE News: Samoa Joe Wants To Wrestle Finn Balor And Be WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Every wrestler has his or her dreams when each one makes it to the WWE. Normally, the WWE World Heavyweight championship and a WrestleMania main event are in those plans and dreams. When a wrestler comes in from the Independent scene, they are expected to dominate the WWE. So far, CM Punk, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, and Dean Ambrose succeeded.

Recently, Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens came in to the WWE from the Independent scene. Owens is the WWE NXT champion and Joe made his long-awaited WWE debut two weeks ago. A WWE analyst thinks that Joe is in WWE NXT where he belongs. That’s correct, but Joe deserves to be on a bigger stage.

There are big expectations for Samoa Joe, who helped dominate Impact Wrestling for many years. He also made his name in Ring of Honor, where he competed against some of the world’s best wrestlers. In a recent interview with WWE, Joe is focused on a future competitor, which happens to be Finn Balor.

“Finn Bálor is someone I’ve had experience with. I helped start the New Japan Dojo in Los Angeles. I remember seeing him and what he was able to do. And now, he’s No. 1 contender, so if it’s not going to be Kevin, it’s going to be [Bálor]. Tyler Breeze is a tremendous athlete, but he’s far too pretty. It bugs me. Eventually, when he comes back, Hideo Itami, too. We’ve locked up over the years and had our fair share of wars. I’m more than happy to have another with him. There are a lot of unresolved personal issues there. Hopefully, we can get into the ring and sort them out.”

Joe’s goals in the WWE are very simple as well. He wants to become the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

“At some time, I would love to make a trip up to the main roster and wreak my brand of havoc. So many people I’ve come up with have succeeded in WWE. Though I thought the opportunity would never present itself, I’m here now. I’m in the best shape of my career and I’m more than happy to fulfill the destiny that has eluded me for far too long, and that’s to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.”

In the next few weeks, the dynamic will shift in the WWE. Kevin Owens will be on the WWE’s main roster and that means Samoa Joe might be coming right behind him. Either Joe or Finn Balor will take the NXT championship from Owens, which would mean the other is headed to the WWE main roster. Soon, Joe will join the ranks of John Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose. WWE NXT is running wild.

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