K-Drama ‘Mask’ Premieres With Top Ratings, Phenomenal Storytelling, And Strong Acting — Can It Continue Its Success?

Over the past four years, Korean dramas (often shorthanded to K-dramas) have picked up traction, especially in the United States. A lot of the foreign genre’s popularity comes from the fact K-dramas are known for casting members of famous K-pop groups, such as Girls’ Generation. Then it should be known that K-pop is often promoted alongside Japanese media such as anime and video games.

Nevertheless, K-dramas have, as mentioned earlier, picked up traction. However, many of them seem to follow the same formula of being a light-hearted romance. This is why Mask is such a welcome change. As a matter of fact, Mask recently made its debut with top ratings, phenomenal storytelling, and strong acting. Can the series continue to move forward?

According to the synopsis provided by Nonton Movie, the story of Mask is centered on the “masks” people wear around others. Ji-Sook, the main female lead, is going through a difficult period in her life due to her father’s incredible debt. Through unique circumstances, she ends up living as Eun-Ha, a member of a wealthy family who looks just like Ji-Sook. What is peculiar is that Eun-Ha is engaged to another successor of a wealthy family named Min-Woo. Though the upcoming marriage between Min-Woo and Eun-Ha is one of business, Min-Woo notices the changes in behavior from the Eun-Ha he knows and the one played by Ji-Sook, which causes him to have feelings for her.

All in all, Mask has the potential to be great given the fact it is somewhat breaking the mold other K-dramas follow. Not only that, Mask has a lot of star power too, as reported by KDrama Stars. The characters of Ji-Sook and Eun-Ha are played by award-winning Korean actress Soo-Ae while Min-Woo is played by award-winning Korean actor Ju Ji-Hoon. Yeon Jeong-Hun and Yu In-Young round out the main cast. Finally, the script is written by Choi Ho-Chul, the recipient of the 2012 Excellence Award for another K-drama that is in the similar style as Mask, titled Secret Love.

The combination of a solid script delivered by strong acting has rewarded Mask with top ratings in its debut. It does help that it is in the time slot previously occupied by The Girl Who Sees Smells and that Unkind Women has ended, but maybe the fact that Masked Prosecutor is probably its only known competition, and that K-drama was placed last at 5.3 percent.

For those living outside of South Korea, Mask is available to watch for free (with ads) through the K-drama website Dramafever.

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