‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Multiplayer Challenge Now Underway, Slight Balance Changes Also Live

This weekend, multiplayer agents in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer are tasked with taking out mages and demons. There’s worry another breach could occur if players do not address the rise in nefarious activity. BioWare, the game’s developer, summoned players to the fight through an announcement made on the official Dragon Age: Inquisition Facebook page.

The challenge this weekend, called “Purging the Elements” puts players in a position to take out a group of specific enemies. The lore behind the event is delivered to players by Nightingale herself.

“Our spies report that the Venatori are preparing for something big. We do not yet know what they intend, but they are weakening the Veil across southern Thedas. We must eliminate enemy mages and the demons that have crossed into our world to prevent another catastrophic breach.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition players will personally need to take out 75 foes. Those defeated need to be any combination of the following: despair demons, dragons, enchanters, rage demons, and pride demons. Reaching this number will reward the player immediately with a free Commendation Chest. The community goals this weekend are, of course, separated by platform and require players to kill a number of the enemy types listed earlier. Again, Playstation 4 players must slay the most enemies with their goal at 175,000. Xbox One and PC players will need to defeat 100,000 foes combined while those on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 need only eliminate 35,000 adversaries. If a community reaches their goal, a free Victory Chest will be delivered to all Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer users on the platform.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
A dragon in the Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer

New challenges and a few balance changes have also been pushed to the live Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer servers. A number of “Dragonslayer” challenges have been added to the game. Specific challenges for the new agents and dragons are included; however, many of the challenges are not yet retroactive. New titles, banners, and portraits will be added to the Dragon Age: Inquisition challenges at a later date.

Also, the most recent set of balance changes went live today. A few of the Duelist’s, the Isabela agent, abilities have been altered. The Arcane Warrior’s Spirit Blade has been transformed once again as well. Its cost to use has been reduced 75 percent but its damage has been halved.

The single player campaign for Dragon Age: Inquisition is also evolving. The first story-based DLC is now out on Playstation 4 and last-gen consoles after an exclusivity deal kept it only on Xbox One and PC for a month. “Jaws of Hakkon” adds a new area, new quests, new weapons, and much more to the game’s single player campaign as described by the Inquisitr.

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