Fredrik Eklund On Egg Donor: ‘Whatever Happens Is Meant To Happen’

Fredrik Eklund has been going through a transformation since he joined Million Dollar Listing: New York years ago. He is now filming Season 4, but when fans first met him years ago, he was single and hustling to become the best possible broker in the city. These days, Fredrik is married to artist Derek Kaplan, and he is planning for a family.

When Fredrik Eklund was single, he would work all day. His father asked him to find a partner so he could start focusing on something else. Eklund quickly met Derek, and there was an instant spark. They got married on the show, and these days, they are planning a family. But finding an egg donor is tough.

According to a new Bravo report, Fredrik Eklund is now revealing that he felt really scared asking his best friend for her eggs. This was something they had talked about several times, but during Wednesday’s episode, she showed up with a boyfriend. Since she was in a relationship, Fredrik felt odd asking her for something so personal once again.

“Anna is my best friend in the entire world. I love her more than life itself. We have been discussing her being the egg donor for a while, so of course I am really nervous now to finally sit down. Whatever happens, is meant to happen, Derek tells me. I hope he is right. All I know is that Milla is supposed to happen, actually I feel she is suppose to be happen like right now, and the sooner the better so we can become the fathers we have dreamt of for so long to our little baby girl,” Fredrik Eklund reveals in his blog.

Maybe Anna will be the person who donates the eggs to the couple. Eklund has revealed that daughter Milla is on the way. Earlier this year, he announced that they were expecting a child via surrogate, so they must have found some eggs and started the process before they wrapped filming for the current season, according to the Inquisitr.

It took a long time for Derek Kaplan to get on the same page as Fredrik about having children. Fredrik really wanted to have a daughter, but Derek was concerned that he would be a stay-at-home father and risk his art career because Eklund would be working. But it is possible that Eklund has made some changes. Maybe family life is more important than real estate when it comes down to choosing.

Do you think Fredrik Eklund’s best friend will donate her eggs?

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