‘iZombie’ Episode 12 Preview: Blaine’s Brain Coolers And Teenagers With Zombie Trouble?

Liv is going to have a zombie problem when it comes to the next case she and Clive are working on, in the next iZombie episode, the 12th of the season, “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat.” Plus, Major’s investigation continues.

In the latest iZombie episode, Major got even closer to finding out the truth. In fact, Liv told him that zombies exist and she is one – only she didn’t really tell him but thought she did, thanks to the brain she consumed. What did really happen, however, was Major stealing coolers from Blaine’s business and bringing them to Liv and him telling her that they’re zombies and he’s going to kill them all.

Now in this next episode, it’s seemingly all about zombies – at work and on the personal front, regarding Major – for Liv. A group of drunken teenagers take a late night joyride, and when they cover up an accident, the man mysteriously comes back to life and attacks one of them. Liv consumes the victim’s brain and is taken back to high school as she and Clive investigate. Meanwhile, Major looks into Blaine’s deli, believing it is not all it appears to be.

The CW has released a promo for this next iZombie, “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat,” and it begins with Liv telling Ravi about Major showing up with the coolers. With Blaine determined to find those missing brains, that can only mean trouble for Major. Plus, Liv finds out she made another zombie.

Seat42F has shared the photos from iZombie episode 12. They offer a look at Liv and Clive’s investigation, as well as what looks like Major possibly doing whatever he has to in order to try to figure out what Blaine’s up to in his deli. How close will he get to the whole truth?

Plus, TVLine has posted a sneak peek teasing what to expect from the case – and someone isn’t happy at all to see Liv in the interrogation room. Liv’s also clearly under the influence of the latest brains she consumed while she and Clive interrogate one of the high-schoolers involved in the case (played by Arrow‘s Bex Taylor-Klaus). This iZombie clip picks up after the teenager has told them that she and her friends ran over a man and buried him and he climbed out of his grave and killed her friend. This girl has seen enough horror movies (including their sequels) to know that her life is in danger.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, there are big reveals coming up in these remaining iZombie season 1 episodes, as well as Liv even more determined to bring Blaine down following Lowell’s death.

iZombie season 1 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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