Richards Family Is ‘Really Worried’ About Kim Richards’ Alleged Disappearance, ‘RHOBH’ Return Now In Jeopardy [Report]

The Richards family is reportedly concerned after troubled reality star Kim Richards allegedly disappeared following daughter Brooke Brinson’s wedding in Mexico. According to a May 29 report by Radar Online, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s whereabouts are still unknown — four days after she was to return to rehab.

“Kim has not returned to rehab after the wedding. She will not answer anyone’s calls and is missing in action. Everyone is really worried but no one knows where she is.”

The Richards family arrived in Mexico just over one week ago for Brinson’s second wedding to husband Thayer Weiderhorn. Although Brinson originally wed in August of last year at the home of Kathy Hilton, she arranged for a much larger celebration this past Saturday in Cabo.

While Kim had been in rehab prior to her daughter’s wedding, she was reportedly granted a pass to leave the country, but was required to return to the facility by Monday, which she hasn’t yet done.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kim’s failure to reenter treatment may have cost her a possible plea deal in a case stemming from her drunken arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel last month. According to a separate Radar Online report, the charges against the Richards family member, which include public intoxication, resisting an officer, and battery on an officer, may have been dropped had she completed treatment.

“Kim would have had to successfully complete rehab, and the charges would have been dismissed. The Beverly Hills Hotel didn’t want to proceed with charges if Kim was getting help. With Kim relapsing, the deal is now on hold, and the DA will most likely want a much longer rehab stint in exchange for the charges being dropped.”

In addition, the first Radar Online source claims Kim’s role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is in jeopardy.

“Things do not look good for her returning to the show now. Producers want to give her the ultimatum that if she doesn’t return to rehab by the end of this week that it’s over, but they have not been able to reach her.”

Fellow Richards family member Kyle is also a part of the show and has starred alongside sister Kim since the show began. No word yet on whether or not Kyle will continue on the show if her sister is booted, but in the past, she’s said she wouldn’t be a part of the show if her sister wasn’t included.

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