‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam Reveals His Identity, Kelly Reappears

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday’s episode indicate that it’s going to be a wild show and+ fans are not going to want to miss a minute of it. Viewers have been anxious for some forward progress, and some is definitely made in the May 29 show. What can viewers expect?

As She Knows Soaps teases, Jack will find himself on a sailing ship. He wakes and Kelly is there telling him that despite his great attempts, she’s not going to be easy to get rid of and she’ll find him wherever he is. Young and Restless spoilers indicate that fans won’t have to wait too long to see that this is, luckily, another hallucination on Jack’s part and Kelly soon disappears.

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t trouble ahead for Jack. The ship he’s on has drugs and cash and soon Jack is caught by men on the ship. They think he’s Marco and he’s desperate to try to convince them he’s Jack Abbott and he can pay them a lot of money if they help him get home.

Young and Restless spoilers indicate that Ashley and the fake Jack will argue over Gabriel and Chelsea while fake Jack admits to Victor that he once loved a woman who was an addict. He reveals that when he ran into trouble with his enemies he had to leave her behind.

We Love Soaps teases that Gabriel/Adam will do something risky in this episode, and Young and Restless spoilers indicate that this is a very Gabe-centric episode in some key ways. Viewers will see him beg for a chance to talk with Chelsea, and she says she’ll give him two minutes. He talks about the connection they share and what he wants to do for her if she’ll give him a chance. With 30 seconds to spare, he goes for the kiss and Chelsea can’t resist his charms.

Also ahead in Friday’s episode, Abby and Stitch will talk about the cabin murders and she’ll fill him in on Kevin’s suspicions that Tobias may not have been responsible. As the two talk, he will admit to her that Ashley revealed her ongoing feelings for him.

Abby is appalled, and this comes up with Ashley again later in the show. Also in relation to Ashley, Young and Restless spoilers note that Ben will see her with some powerful meds as she gets flustered. He confronts her about them, but just what are they? Fans will have to keep watching to find out.

Victor gets a call with an update on Jack and he learns that Jack is on a ship filled with drugs headed to Peru. While Victor is adamant that Jack be found, he does seem tickled to learn where Jack is headed.

Gabe and fake Jack will talk, and this is a can’t-miss conversation. Of course, viewers know that the real Jack knows that Gabe is really Adam, and they’ve talked openly about this in the months past. Since Gabe doesn’t know there’s any reason to hide this fact from the man he thinks is Jack, he’s made comments previously that fake Jack picked up on regarding his real identity as Adam. Until now, however, fake Jack didn’t know the full scenario and Friday’s conversation makes it clear.

Young and Restless spoilers tease that when fake Jack tells Gabe he needs to patch things up with Billy, the supposed reconciliation between Jack and Victor is mentioned. Gabe will talk about how nobody wants to see his father go down in flames more than he does, and fake Jack does not miss the importance of this comment.

Gabe goes on to make it clear who he really is, and he says he’ll help Jack take the company away from Newman whenever he’s ready. Later Gabe and Chelsea will be together again, and she’s frustrated with Ashley. When Gabe tells her that Jack will shield her from Ashley and the others, he adds that Jack has always understood him better than Victor. Chelsea notes that this makes him sound very much like Adam.

As Friday’s episode wraps, fake Jack catches up to Victor and tells him that he now knows just who Gabriel Bingham really is. What do Victor and fake Jack do with this information? Will Chelsea figure it out soon? When will the real Jack make it home? Things are getting wild on The Young and the Restless and viewers can’t wait to see what comes next.

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