Sherri Shepherd Returns To ‘The View’ As Guest: Jokes About Children

Sherri Shepherd was back on The View as a guest on Thursday in an episode that was taped in mid-April. She promptly made headlines when she joked about giving away her children. The comedian has a 10-year-old biological child, and a month ago she learned that she is the legal mother of the 10-month-old baby she and her ex-husband had via surrogate. During Thursday’s hot topics segment, she joked about her situation, according to E! Online.

The women were discussing a new statistic which says that millenials are in no rush to have children. Raven-Symoné replied, “I’m 29, I’m about to be 30 this year. I want a baby so bad. I’ve wanted a baby since I was 15.” Without hesitation or even thinking about the public’s reaction, Shepherd had a quick reply.

“Girl, I got one or two you could have of mine. I’ll give them to you. Women with kids are like, take mine.”

Sherri continued to make jokes. When the topic of divorce came up, she had another chance to voice her opinion while using herself as an example.

“Girl, don’t tell me about divorce being expensive. I’ll tell you about divorce being expensive.”

Then when the panel began discussing whether women should put their boyfriends or their best friends first, Sherri was on her soap box again. Shepherd, 48, joked about her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, 44. She indicated that she did not listen to her friends when they advised her not to marry him.

“I actually feel like if I had listened to my best friend, I wouldn’t be having a million attorneys in my life right now.”

A judge has ruled that Shepherd is officially the mother of the son Sally claims she planned to raise with him before having a change of heart. While Shepherd doesn’t plan to raise the boy, she is responsible for him financially.

It seems as though three of the hot topics were the ones that applied to Shepherd. For example, having children, divorce, and whether women should put their boyfriends or their best friends first.

The public didn’t think too highly of Shepherd’s jokes about children, and they are sounding off about it on social media. A lot of viewers requested for the network not to bring her back.

People magazine called her jokes “uncomfortable.”

Shepherd and Sally married in 2011, and decided to have a child via surrogacy together, but they split in May 2014, three months before Lamar Jr was born. The comedian said in the past she felt “tricked” into having the baby, and that she “has no connection or responsibility to the child” since her eggs were not used in the process. The judge didn’t see it that way. Last month, after a lengthy legal battle, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that Shepherd would be listed as the mother on the birth certificate.

Do you think it was acceptable for Shepherd to joke about delicate family matters during her first time back on The View since her departure?

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