‘TERA’ Developer Opening Up Inactive Names For New Players

Inactive names are being released in En Masse Entertainment’s MMORPG, TERA. According to the announcement, the names of players that have not logged on since June 25, 2014 will be freed up by the system adding “_1” to the name, letting new characters claim the previous name.

Since the release of TERA on Steam, a wave of new players has entered the fray. The release of inactive character names will make it a little easier for players to find a name that’s not already taken. TERA is performing quite well on Steam as one of the top 10 free-to-play titles on the service. In fact, TERA ranks first in MMORPGs on the platform.

Although many players have returned for the release of the Gunner, several names are simply not being used due to being shelved by inactive players. Inactive players that want to ensure that their name does not get changed need to log in immediately.

“If you have characters whose names you want to keep, but you haven’t logged into TERA with those characters since June 25 of last year, you should log in to TERA and enter the game with each of those characters before Thursday, June 25, 2015.”

Founder and Elite statuses do not matter when it comes to releasing inactive names. If a character has not been logged on since June 25, 2015, its name will be changed so that it can be used by another character. Players can ensure that their names do not get changed by logging in on that character before June 25, 2015.

A screenshot from TERA
A group fighting an enemy in TERA

If a character is not logged on before that date, the “_1” will be added to the name. Once the release of inactive names occurs, logging on to that character will result in a forced name change, according to the TERA character name release FAQ.

Players can check on a character’s status by launching the game and looking at each individual character. An information box will specify the time and date of the character’s last log in.

“Go to the character select screen and select the character. The date and time you last logged in with that character is displayed in the upper right. Of course the best way to be certain your character’s name is safe is to log in at least once before the deadline of 11:59 p.m. PDT on June 24 2015.”

The Level Up event that coincided with the game’s release on Steam is still going on right now. Players can level up a little quicker with double experience, earn special rewards as a character levels up, and obtain a costume or weapon skill when the character hits max level. Players have until June 2 to take advantage of this event, as reported by the Inquisitr.

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