Puppets Officiate Wedding: Couple Is Legally Married

A Los Angeles couple had been dating for 15 years. When the man and woman agreed to get married. they decided to incorporate their careers into the wedding ceremony. Tammy Caplan and Joe Gold are actors, writers, and independent filmmakers. When they planned their wedding, they used their imagination to make the wedding one that people would never forget. They used puppets to officiate their wedding, according to the Huffington Post.

Tammy and Joe got married last month at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga, California. They both were fans of Sesame Street, and the Muppets when they were growing up. So, they let those imaginations run wild. They surprised their wedding guests, including their own parents.

The bride and groom wrote the 9-minute script for the six puppets, including the officiant, a rabbi, a judge, a ring bear, a captain, and a wedding crasher. Tammy explained that she and Joe worked with the Puppet School of Los Angeles to make their puppet wedding a reality. The school provided the talented puppeteers, and one of them had to get ordained to officiate the marriage vows in order for Tammy and Joe to be legally married.

“Joe and I wrote the ceremony fairly quickly. After we talked out what we wanted to do, the first draft took about a day. It was a blast to write! We’ve written several scripts together, but this was one of the most fun writing projects.”

The newly married couple admit they were a little nervous that people wouldn’t like the idea, but everybody loved it, including their parents. The guests had tons of fun which was exactly what the newlyweds wanted.

The New York Daily News used a play on words to report the story. It was reported that this wedding had strings attached. Tammy and Joe said they wanted a wedding that would be fun and unique. They thought of the idea of having a puppet be their officiant, but when they began to write the script of the ceremony, the idea grew into six puppets.

After the ceremony, the puppeteers walked around with their puppets and interacted with the wedding guests. Later during the breakfast reception, guests were invited to make their very own puppets.

For the last dance, guests took their puppets onto the dance floor and danced with their puppets.

Guests dancing with their puppets at wedding reception
Guests dancing with their puppets at wedding reception

Have you ever attended a wedding that was more creative than this?

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