New Xbox One Controller Leaked On Xbox Support Page

A new Xbox One controller may have leaked on the official support page from Microsoft’s Xbox One. The official Xbox One support page briefly posted new information that pointed to a new Xbox One controller that will be released in June, 2015. E3 2015 runs in the middle of June making a reveal at the industry trade event a likely occurrence during the Microsoft Keynote.

The update that caused the speculation on the new controller was captured by users at NeoGAF and showed the following information:

New Xbox One Controller Headphone Jack

The interesting part of this screen grab, as detailed by Next Power Up highlights the new number 16 port. The description reads as, “3.5mm port. Used to connect compatible 3.5mm audio devices. Only available on controllers released after June 2015.”

The new Xbox One controller hinted in the left image would add a new 3.5mm audio jack, something only available on the PlayStation 4 controller. Plugging in a standard 3.5mm headset such as Apple’s ear buds or any other headset that has a microphone built into it would be able to be used as a microphone. This is of course predicated on the information above being true.

Currently, Xbox One controllers can only be used to engage in party chat by using a Microsoft provided headset. There are currently four official headsets available from Microsoft ranging from the $24.99 Xbox One Chat Headset which features a single ear and mic to the $69.99 Xbox One Special Edition Armed Forces Stereo headset.

A new 3.5mm jack would bring a new Xbox One controller alongside its fierce competitor, the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller. In addition to allowing for opening up a much wider range of head sets to the Xbox One gaming community, the additional head phone jack would give gamers the option to play games in relative quietness.

A new controller could also provide Microsoft with the chance to fix a few perceived missteps with its original design. The d-pad was a great step up from the Xbox 360 controller, but the “clack” from depressing the buttons is rather loud in a quiet gaming situation which, if playing in a quiet room with a sleeping partner, might cause issues. This stands in stark contrast to the nearly silent triggers and bumpers. Only the shoulder buttons received near universal criticism with awkward placement for individuals of a specific hand size and more effort needed to depress the buttons. You can read the Inquisitr‘s initial impressions of the Xbox One controller here.

Another possible benefit we could see from a new controller is the ability to update the firmware of the controller without having to plug it in to the Xbox One.

These are all rumors and speculation and will remain so until June when Phil Spencer takes the stage at the Microsoft keynote at E3 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.

[Image Source | Microsoft]

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