Patrick Dempsey Returning To TV, Taking Meetings With Networks

Is Patrick Dempsey returning to television? It’s only been a few weeks since we’ve had to say goodbye to Patrick Dempsey from our screens, but is he set to make a return? He might.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Dempsey is testing out the waters to see what’s out there after leaving Grey’s Anatomy. The actor, who’s had a 10-year run on the show, is now taking meetings with other networks to see what else is out there for him.

According to a high-level studio executive, this is a typical strategy for an actor who has been out of the loop for a while.

“It’s very normal for an actor who has been on a show for a long time to take meetings, to get reacquainted with other studios and network execs. It’s just what you do. You never know when that dream project is gonna fall in your lap.”

Although it’s believed that Dempsey was being stretched too thin between his shooting schedule and race car endeavors, Patrick isn’t ruling out a return to primetime. Another source says that this might be a no-brainer, and Patrick Dempsey’s return to primetime can be sooner than we think.

“Not too late at all. I can definitely see him ending up on something in the fall.”

That said, it doesn’t have to be a starring vehicle. Although the Grey’s Anatomy actor definitely proved himself as leading man material, towards the later seasons on Grey’s he was given a looser schedule so he can work in his passion for race car driving. A recurring guest spot on an already-established show could be something that Dempsey is eyeing. Then again, a member of a large ensemble show can work out in Dempsey’s favor too.

Even though Patrick Dempsey’s fate in TV is up in the air, one thing is for certain: fans want to see him back on their television screens. A petition on gathered over 100,000 signatures to get the actor back on Grey’s Anatomy. As the Inquisitr reported, his character was killed off during the April 23 episode of the series.

While Patrick Dempsey’s future seems bright, he may actually be a liability. With rumors that he and series creator Shonda Rhimes had friction and that he was having an affair with a younger co-worker on the set of the hit series, studios might be leery to sign him to a major project. An Emmy-winning writer told Entertainment Weekly that they have reservations.

“I think Patrick Dempsey is really talented and comes off as extremely likable. He had his career-defining role in McDreamy, which played to all his strengths, but ultimately he isn’t worth it.”

Do you think Patrick Dempsey will return to television?

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