Woman ‘Pregnant’ Two Years And Counting, Rare Pregnancy Hoax Goes Viral

[Update: The lead image on this piece is not Angie Dellora. It is, instead, Alexandra Kinova, who was pregnant with quintuplets.]

If the average pregnancy were longer than nine months, how different would the world be? Would there be more or less women giving birth? One woman’s account of her daunting pregnancy has women around the world entertaining such thoughts. Although nine months isn’t exactly a long period of time, imagine is pregnancy lasted approximately two years? This woman allegedly knows exactly how that feels and she isn’t a happy camper!

As outlandish as it may seem, one woman reportedly claims she’s been pregnant for nearly two years. According to Newswatch-28, a satirical website, Angie Dellora of Bellingham, WA has been awaiting the arrival of her son for 23 months. Although she was initially overjoyed about the idea of motherhood, now she’s becoming a bit impatient. The grief-stricken, mother-to-be is absolutely fed up with pregnancy.

During a recent news interview, she voiced her frustrations and revealed some of the agonizing medical complications she’s suffered as a result of the daunting “unbearable” pregnancy. She also revealed the baby’s unbelievable weight at this point. Needless to say, he’s definitely surpassed the weight of an average newborn!

“I can’t take it anymore,” explains to us the hopefully soon to be new mother. “I have a rare blood disease which is preventing my fetus to get good levels of oxygen, causing my baby’s organs not to grow as fast as his body. My doctor had warned me about the possible risk of a longer pregnancy, but he told me a month maybe two at most. It’s been almost 2 years, 2 years. I can’t even walk anymore it’s been 4 months. My baby weighs 19 pounds, it’s unbearable,” she continued.

It has been reported that Dellora’s rare pregnancy has left doctors quite baffled and medical experts have yet to come up with a logical explanation for the lengthy pregnancy. Although Dellora is quite concerned about her health, she makes a gratuitous effort to remain positive and hopeful that she’ll be able to deliver soon.

“Something really needs to happen soon or he’s going to be too big to get out if this continues,” said Dellora. “I found an experimental acupuncture project in China on the internet, which is said to aid with calming the nervous system and production of blood cells so I’m keeping my faith.”

Dellora’s shocking rare pregnancy claim has turned many heads via social media. Lots of Twitter users have given their take on the two-year pregnancy, and of course, many are quite flabbergasted by the report. Although news outlets have reported the “amazing” story, many have questioned the validity of her claim and are skeptical about whether or not she’s really been pregnant for two whole years.

So, can a woman be pregnant for so long? Theoretically, it’s totally impossible, which is why the woman’s claim is false! The jaw-dropping pregnancy claim is nothing more than a hoax story developed for a great laugh! NewsWatch-28 is a popular, satirical news site known for sharing “shocking” news stories. However, “shocking” doesn’t always mean the stories are actually true. Angie Dellora’s claim definitely isn’t!

[Image: Alexandra Kinova, pregnant with quintuplets, via NewsWatch]

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