Teen Stripped Of Honor Society Title Over Sundress: Cameron Boland Wears Sundress Giving Speech, Title Removed Over Dress Code [Video]

A Florida teen was stripped of her National Honor Society title for wearing a spaghetti-strap sundress during an election victory speech she gave. Cameron Boland, 17, is a junior at Fort Myers High School who apparently broke the dress code by revealing her shoulders on stage after she was voted in as historian for her school’s National Honor Society.

Cameron’s mother — Caroline Boland — told New York Daily News.

“The lunacy of this is so, so crazy. It was not salacious. It’s a kid’s dress. Shoulders are a common sight in southwest Florida. She put it best by saying, ‘What everyone is showing me here is my shoulders are more valued than my brain.'”

The 17-year-old is an honor roll student who’s a class president and basketball team captain. She reportedly “offended” others with her “white, strappy American Eagle dress,” district officials told WINK News.

The school chose to disqualify her from the post and overturn the election less than an hour after the teen delivered her victory speech in a sundress.

“She sent me a text saying she was ‘super excited’ because now she was historian for the whole county,” Boland told Yahoo Parenting. “Forty-one minutes later she sent another text saying, ‘I was disqualified because my shoulders were bared and that is a dress code violation.'”

On Tuesday, Cameron and her mother fought the school board’s decision. Caroline said her daughter should be reinstated and deserves an apology. It’s unknown at this point if the decision was reversed, but they haven’t heard back from the Lee County School District. As of now, the district hasn’t commented on the teen’s Honor Society title being revoked over her sundress.

“It is clear the adults, the advisers involved made mistakes and no one wants to own up to those mistakes,” Cameron told WINK News. “We want a reelection or given our spots back.”

What’s more in this instance, Cameron didn’t think the dress code applied to her since she wasn’t a student at the facility she was speaking at and it was an “extracurricular” event.

“I was aware of the dress code at Ida Baker, but not going there, I didn’t think it applied to me, I am not one of their students. Also, being an extracurricular activity an event, I didn’t feel a need to comply with the dress code.”

Should Cameron Boland be reinstated her National Honor Society title in spite of wearing a sundress?

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