‘MDLNY’ Star Ryan Serhant Posts Message To Fans After Emotional Proposal

Ryan Serhant had his big moment last night on Million Dollar Listing: New York. Last year, when Ryan got down on one knee, he chose to do it in Times Square early in the morning. By pulling some strings, he managed to shut down one the busiest places in the world to make Emilia Bechrakis his future wife. And last night, Million Dollar Listing: New York fans got to see his journey.

It sounds like Ryan Serhant was super excited to share this proposal with his fans. All day, he was promoting the episode on his social media, and during the proposal, he tweeted with fans. Shortly after the proposal aired, Serhant shared an emotional message about his feelings. The mean-broker-machine fans have known for years is no longer here; Ryan does have feelings buried somewhere deep inside.

According to a new Instagram post, Ryan Serhant is now opening up about his feelings right after the proposal. Of course, the couple took a moment to enjoy Times Square after Emilia wiped away her tears as it was completely empty for the proposal.

“After I proposed, and Emilia Bechrakis stopped crying for a few minutes, we still had Times Square all to ourselves so the orchestra, which was playing a version of Little Talks by Monsters and Men (her favorite song) by the way, gave us our own little concert. So there, a little girl from Greece and a little boy from Texas, stood next to the NYPD police barracks and had the heart of this incredible city all to ourselves. Thank you everyone for watching and coming on this crazy journey with me,” Million Dollar Listing: New York star Ryan Serhant shared on Instagram, reflecting on the proposal.

When fans first met Serhant, he was a single man who was doing everything possible to be the best he could be in his industry. However, when he met Emilia last season, things changed. Fans of Million Dollar Listing: New York are now seeing an emotional Ryan who is dating, having fun, and settling down. It is a complete transformation. Even though Serhant has proposed marriage, it sounds like he isn’t ready to settle down with a family unit. According to the Inquisitr, he isn’t ready to have children.

But with a movie career growing slowly next to his real-estate job, who would want to ruin that by adding more to the plate?

What did you think of Ryan Serhant’s proposal?

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