Giuliana On Top Of The World Bikini Pose: Giuliana Rancic Talks ‘Fashion Police’ And Eating Disorder [Photos]

Giuliana Rancic feels on top of the world, showing it by posing in a bikini just weeks after getting backlash for her extremely slim body. On vacation, the E! network star headed to social media to share every aspect of her figure by posting shots from behind as well as in front, reported the Daily Mail.

At 40, Giuliana has endured some personal and professional highs and lows. But now, as she revealed on Instagram, she feels that she’s gained wisdom and perspective.

“On top of the world,” wrote Rancic in her caption.

Joining the Fashion Police commentator on vacation are her husband, Bill Rancic, and son Duke, reported E! News.

Giuliana made sure to share their fun as well.

“I can do this (forever) all week. #paradise #beyondperfect #nofilterneeded,” she wrote.

So just where are they? Some have suggested that they’re having all their fun in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. But wherever it is, it’s clear that Duke is having a blast.

“Swim. Eat. Nap. Play. Laugh. Repeat. #MrVacation,” summed up Rancic of her son’s schedule.

But while she’s relaxing now, Giuliana also may be musing over what’s happened in the past and what might lie ahead with the Fashion Police controversy, with a confirmation that the show will return in the fall, reported USA Today.

“I think more than ever, (Fashion Police) is definitely coming back, because (the Zendaya controversy andKelly Osbourne’s departure) shows that a lot of people were watching the show and enjoyed the show,” declared Rancic.

The TV personality revealed that the show will return to showcase the Emmy Awards red carpet fashions.

“It’s coming back in September, in time for the Emmys. I will be on the show, Brad Goreski will be on the show, and now they just have to fill the other seats,” she added.

Giuliana Rancic feels on top of the world.
Giuliana Rancic’s smile makes it clear that she feels on top of the world.

The key crisis came when Zendaya’s appearance was criticized, in particular her dreadlocks hairstyle.

“[Zendaya looks like it] smelled like patchouli oil and weed,” said Rancic.

Kelly Osbourne, followed by Kathy Griffin, quit.

In addition to weathering that storm, Giuliana repeatedly has had to cope with skinny-shaming and charges that she has an eating disorder, as the Inquisitr reported.

Dr. Mehmet Oz recently invited Giuliana Rancic to discuss her weight loss and the eating disorder charges on his show. He revealed that three reasons exist why she is so thin.

“She’s on Tamoxifen because of the cancer and she will be on that for a while. It does cause you to lose some weight. She has a fast metabolism, plus she has scoliosis. All those things that make her look even thinner than she really is, but there’s no question that she’s too skinny.”

However, in her memoir, Rancic revealed that she had battled an eating disorder in the past that caused uncontrollable food binges.

“I’ve always had a sweet tooth, but sugar became my drug, and I went on a binge every single night.”

During the time that she suffered from binge eating disorder, Giuliana consumed as many as four desserts each night. She would meet up with four different pals, alternating sweets such as hot fudge sundaes, cheesecake, and pie in one night.

“In the morning, I would look at myself in the mirror and start crying.”

[Images Via Giuliana Rancic/Instagram]

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