‘Point Break’ Gets Rebooted Without Keanu

Nearly 25 years since the original Point Break was released, Director Ericson Core will spearhead the new Point Break remake – without Keanu, Patrick Swayzee or Gary Busey.

It’s missing Tone, who’s played by Anthony Kiedis, but adds some much needed 2015 technology punch to its special effects lineup. Think X-Games meets Hawaii Five-O, but without classy one-liners. Here’s how Point Break looks on paper, and what you’ll expect when hitting IMAX theaters this winter.

In the original Point Break, four skilled bank robbers donning ex-president guises of Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter are being investigated by Johnny Utah, played by Keanu Reeves. The remake has Luke Bracey filling the role of Utah while going after corporate money thieves disguised as surfers. Instead of using Los Angeles as the main backdrop, the revised action movie was filmed on four continents – North and South America, Asia and Europe. Lori Petty was the original Point Break casts’ only woman, playing Tyler.

Action scenes received a massive upgrade, thanks to a budget four times that of the original Point Break ($24 million versus $100 million). Those who loved surfing will still see their fix of wave riding, but receive a pallet of money dropping from an airplane, wingsuit stunts, snowboarding and greater wave manipulation along with your quintessential view of FBI debriefings. The 1991 version of Point Break earned a quadrupled return on investment ($97 million worldwide), so it’ll be exciting to see how twelve B-list actors and killer special effects fare monetarily.

The general consensus agrees that some movies are best left in the era of their creation; Point Break is definitely no exception. YouTube comments hint that many will simply wait for the DVD release of Point Break rather than waste money seeing it live. Twitter reactions to the remake were generally negative, pointing to the fact $5 gets you the original Point Break on DVD. One can’t help but wonder if Red Bull had their hand in stunt production since many feats resemble what you’d find at their events.

The official Point Break trailer was released on YouTube three days ago and has over 5 million views to date. Sound off below if you think the new version should simply head to DVD, or if the original needed a facelift after all. Then stay tuned for updates regarding final production and whatever snafus come to pass.

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