Holly Nicole Solomon: Obama-Hating Wife Who Ran Down Hubby With Jeep For Not Voting Learns Her Fate

Holly Nicole Solomon really, really hates Barack Obama. At least, she did, back in 2012. In fact, she hated Obama so much that when she found out that her husband neglected to cast a ballot in the 2012 presidential election, failing to do his part to defeat the incumbent United States President, she flew into a violent rage.

In April, Solomon, 31, pleaded guilty to assault charges from the bizarre November 10, 2012 incident in Gilbert, Arizona, when she chased her terrified husband Daniel, 36, around a parking lot while he was on foot and she was behind the wheel of the family Jeep.

She finally cornered him as he took cover behind a lamp post — circling around the post to get at him — and ran him over, pinning him beneath the Jeep, leaving the man in critical condition.

Daniel Solomon, who has since been divorced from Holly, survived with fractured pelvis and what he says is severe psychological trauma, according to a report in The Arizona Republic newspaper.

“I now have a scar down the center of my abdomen that is at least a foot long,” Daniel told a judge on Thursday, at his ex-wife’s sentencing. “Learning to trust people, to love again is going to be very difficult for me.”

According to a police report at the time, Holly Nicole Solomon “believed her family was going to face hardship” if Obama, who was running for a a second term in 2012, won reelection.

Her ex-husband said that the couple was then experiencing problems at home, issues that his Holly blamed squarely on Barack Obama. She “just hated him,” Daniel Solomon told the court in Phoenix last week.

The woman had previously entered a not guilty plea, but changed it to accept a plea bargain and a shorter prison term. At her sentencing, she blamed her murderous outburst not, this time, on Obama — but on an unspecified mental illness for which she said she is now under treatment.

She also told the judge that even now, she had no memory of the incident. However, she had previously given an account of the attack, saying that he never intended to hit her husband with the vehicle, only frighten him. Running him over was an accident that resulted from stepping on the accelerator instead of the brake, she had claimed.

As it turned out, Obama did win reelection. But his Republican opponent Mitt Romney won the state of Arizona and its 11 electoral votes even without Daniel Solomon’s ballot.

Holly Nicole Solomon on Thursday was hit with a prison sentence of 3 and a half years, plus court-supervised probation, from her Obama-hating outburst.

[Image via KNXV-TV]