Taylor Swift’s $13,000 Sex Shop Bill [Video]

Celebrities aren’t the only stars of Taylor Swift’s new “Bad Blood” video. One Los Angeles area sex shop, a specialty boutique that specializes in erotic outfits, lent Ms. Swift $13,000 worth of clothes for the production of the “Bad Blood” music video.

The Stockroom, which is the supplier of the outfits for Taylor’s video, plans to make the outfits worn by Swift and Selena Gomez in the video available to the public, according to the store’s director of operations, Shawn Gentry.

As the video opens, Ms. Swift is seen wearing a flesh-colored latex outfit. This item retails for $235 on the store’s website, where it’s described as “perfect symbiosis of fetishwear and classic lingerie.”

That particularly item is usually custom-made, sized for each customer, but Gentry reported that Taylor wore it straight off of the rack, choosing the extra small size. The black latex top worn by Selena Gomez in Swift’s video is also custom-made as a general rule, but again, Gomez wore an off-the-rack version. This item sells for $360 and comes in 30 colors.

Ms. Swift’s representatives began pulling items for a secret client months ago, but, when the bill grew to surpass $10,000, Gentry asked for the identity of the client. Of the $13,000 worth of clothes borrowed for the Taylor Swift video, $5,000 worth of items were kept and purchased by Swift’s representatives.

The Stockroom reports an increase in store sales and online traffic following the release of the Taylor Swift video three days ago. Gentry declined to set up a special in-store section for items borrowed by Ms. Swift.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Taylor’s video for which the items were borrowed set a new Vevo record by generating 20.1 million views in just 24 hours. Nicki Minaj previously held the record for her “Anaconda” video. News of this record-breaking achievement comes just after Taylor won eight categories at the Billboard Music Awards, including Top Female Artist.

Vevo released a statement in which it credits Taylor for garnering five billion total views for her videos. Eleven of Ms. Swift’s videos have earned over 100 million views each.

Taylor recruited a number of A-listers to appear in the video with Cindy Crawford, Ellen Pompeo, and Mariska Hargitay numbering among them. Swift is credited for her social media campaigning, which included a character poster for each of her celebrity friends appearing in the video.

Following news of her success with “Bad Blood,” Ms. Swift immediately thanked her fans and the friends appearing in the video for helping her to reach the achievement.

[Featured image: Taylor Swift courtesy of Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

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