‘Big Bang Theory’: More Feelings, Less Science In Seasons 8 And 9

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 finale offered more fan service scenes than all of the previous seven seasons. The producers of the series seem to have thought that there are too much geek gags and scientific jokes and that the Big Bang Theory is in need of more drama. And it looks like they are not going to stop adding it in Season 9.

So, what are the main cliffhangers of the Season 8 finale? The breakup, the possibility of two weddings and, of course, the question of whether some of the old characters will be replaced by new ones.

The only certain thing is that Amy Farrah Fowler’s fans may relax. According to the Inquisitr, this character is not going to leave the show any time soon, no matter how the situation with the breakup and Sheldon’s proposal will be resolved.

“As for Sheldon and Amy’s cliffhanger, one thing is certain: Amy will remain an integral part of the group. In the final scene, Amy breaks up with Sheldon over a video chat. It’s revealed after she hangs up that Sheldon was planning to propose. Molaro confirmed the show’s commitment to Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, and supported Amy’s choice to put her relationship with Sheldon on hold.”

Speaking of proposals. Leonard’s confession about his kiss with another girl seemed to make the idea of his and Penny’s marriage kind of awkward, but let us hope this little incident from the past will not destroy all of the couple’s plans. After all, it would not be smart to drop all the tension of Season 8 and go back in plot in the new episodes. Either Leonard and Penny or Amy and Sheldon are going to have a radical change in their relationship (other than breakup, obviously).

Though none of the old characters are going to leave the scene, the Venture Capital Post reports that new faces might appear (and their appearance hints at the development of a certain couple’s relations).

“A report says this is still being deliberated on including the possibility of adding characters such as Leonard or Penny’s father. This though is not yet final. The report added that the new season will continue to focus on the growth of the characters. What’s more to this is that The Big Bang Theory will continue until Season 10.”

One cannot argue that the show had changed its format since the beginning, turning more and more “soap operish” with every season. However, as long as the plot twists are resolved logically and scientific jokes remain in place, it will be the same old Big Bang Theory, and that’s what the fans want it to be.

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