‘Destiny’ Tower Gets Queen’s Wrath Surprise Visit, Chance To Try Out Scorch Cannon

No sooner did the Destiny 1.2 update drop did PlayStation and Xbox players discover the return of a long absent NPC vendor. Petra Venj, the Queen’s Wrath, has returned, and she has a collection of new bounties that includes the opportunity to use the “House of Wolves” equivalent to the Blades of Crota public event weapon drop from “The Dark Below.”

The doors to the special event area where Lord Saladin appears for the Iron Banner have now opened. Petra Venj and her ship have returned following her single appearance after the launch of Destiny last September. This appears to be only a limited time event meant to whet players’ appetite for the release of the “House of Wolves” expansion.

Destiny The Great Wolf Hunt (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)
The Destiny welcome screen after the 1.2 update is downloaded.

Destiny players can pick up six different bounties from Petra currently whether they have purchased “House of Wolves” or not. The bounties are as follows.

  • Wanted: Beltric, The Veiled – Hunt Beltrick, the Veiled in Ember Caves on Venus
  • Wanted: Peekis, The Disavowed – Hunt Peekis, the Disavowed in the Citadel on Venus
  • Wanted: Kalkis-12 – Hunt Kalkis-12 in the Cosmodrome’s Skywatch
  • Wanted: Saviks, Queenbreaker – Hunt Saviks, Queenbreaker in the Anchor of Light on the Moon
  • Wanted: Weksis, The Meek – Hunt Weksis, The Meek near Archer’s Line on the Moon
  • Wanted: Drevis, Wolf Baroness – Hunt Drevis, Wolf Barness near the Cosmodrome’s Forgotten Shore

Each of these bounties reward 250 reputation points toward the Queen’s Wrath and a total of 4,500 experience overall. Not all bounties are immediately available.

It looks like Bungie intended for a new bounty to unlock every day leading to the release of “House of Wolves” following the planned release of the 1.2 patch this past Tuesday. However, that update was not deployed until today, so three bounties are currently available with one unlocking every day through Monday.

Each of the new bounties trigger an event once you reach the designated area. The event will contain multiple waves of enemies before the bounty target appears. There will be an opportunity to use the all new Scorch Cannon during the event.

Once the event is completed, you will have approximately one minute to find a nearby chest in the area. One Reddit player reportedly picked up a Treasure Key from the chest. It’s possible that this key will be used to open a treasure chest when the “House of Wolves” launches next week.

Update: Someone has discovered a Heavy Pike too during one of these bounty missions.

[Images via Bungie, Reddit user LateNightHunter]