Watch The Trailer: Amy Winehouse Documentary Opening At Edinburgh Film Festival [Video]

The acclaimed documentary about Amy Winehouse, Amy, will open at the 2015 Edinburgh Film Festival, and a sneak peek trailer video has been released. The film is directed by Asif Kapadia and produced by James Gay-Rees.

The trailer for the documentary film Amy, about singer Amy Winehouse, came out last week in anticipation of the full feature’s release on July 3.

The documentary, chronicling the life, relationships, and career of the late Amy Winehouse, premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, and immediately received tremendously positive reviews.

As reported recently by Inquisitr, the Winehouse family has been critical of the film’s story, saying that it contains basic untruths and does not accurately portray Winehouse’s relationships or her health challenges.

According to mxdwn, in spite of the controversy, the film has generated a lot of publicity and will most likely be considered the definitive documentary on the singer’s life.

Forbes magazine predicts that fans will be both “heartbroken and furious” in their recent film review of Amy.

“Her last few years are a descent into hell. She is unable to muster whatever resolve she needs to clean up permanently, anyone speaking truth to power no longer has access to her, and her bodyguard is doing all he can to hold it together, but it’s a losing game.”

Amy was highly acclaimed at Cannes and will likely be as popular at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival. The line up for the festival has been released, and among the 164 other films being celebrated this year are Pixar’s Inside Out, the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring zombie drama Maggie, Beach Boys’ biopic Love & Mercy, and The D-Train, starring Jack Black and James Marsden.

Amy Winehouse fans will likely not be disappointed in the documentary. Winehouse was a beloved musician with a loyal fan base that reached around the world. Amy Winehouse is missed, and any new footage or information about her will be welcome. Amy will likely be one of this summer’s blockbuster hits.

Winehouse already has a statue erected in her honor and at least one street named after her. This film is already sparking conversation, debate, and renewed interest in who Amy Winehouse was.

Amy opens nationwide in theaters on July 3.

[Lead photo courtesy of Simone Joyner/ Getty Images]