Ken Shamrock Expects To Finish Kimbo Slice In The First Round, Says He’ll Be Disappointed In Himself If He Doesn’t

MMA legend Ken Shamrock hasn’t had a fight in nearly five years, and on June 19, the 52-year-old will step inside the cage with the street-fighting sensation, Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson at Bellator 138, which was a fight that was supposed to happen in October of 2008, but, due to suffering an injury the day of the fight, Shamrock pulled out, and Kimbo fought Seth Petruzelli instead. Kimbo was knocked out in just 14 seconds.

Bellator’s strategy is to sign big-name fighters, whether they’re in their prime or not, in hopes to lure fans away from the UFC. So far, the strategy has worked out, and, on June 19, Bellator is hoping that the strategy continues to be successful.

Bellator held a press conference for their June 19 event on Tuesday, and after the press conference was over, Ken Shamrock was fired up, calling Kimbo a “punk,” and saying that if he doesn’t finish Kimbo in the very first round, he’ll be very disappointed in himself.

“All the things that were said that just disrespected me. The guy’s not even in a league with me. I mean, I started from the beginning with bareknuckle. I fought four times in one night. I won Japan. I won The States. I’ve got some friggin’ poser up here standing and trying to be a tough guy, showing no respect whatsoever. He’s a punk. If I don’t finish him in the first round I’ll be disappointed with myself.”

In the past, Shamrock has used the promotional tactics he learned during his time in WWE to help sell fights, and it’s worked out, as his fights with Tito Ortiz did big business for the UFC, and on the subject of Tito Ortiz, it appears that Shamrock wants to fight Ortiz next, and with both of them being under contract to Bellator, it’s extremely possible.

Shamrock also says that he wants another fight with Royce Gracie, who is also involved with Bellator. Gracie famously defeated Shamrock back at UFC 1 via submission, and the two men fought to a draw in their rematch at UFC 5, which is a fight Shamrock believes that he won. Back then, there weren’t any judges, and in order to win, you had to finish your opponent.

It’s likely that Shamrock has to win his fight with Kimbo in order to get his desired fights with Tito Ortiz and Royce Gracie, because if he loses, it could be one-and-done for him in Bellator.

[Image via Kevin Lynch / Zuffa LLC]

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