McDonald’s Menu, Drive Thru To Be Streamlined

McDonald’s, in an effort to increase suddenly slumping sales, will begin to streamline its famous McDonald’s menu, Drive-thru, and food quality.

The Consumerist is reporting that the McDonald’s menu in the drive-thru will be streamlined, showing only the most popular items on the board, in an attempt to reduce the amount of time customers spend in the drive-thru lines. During a website conference with franchisees, it was also announced that the McDonald’s menu would be removing the Deluxe Quarter Pounder, in addition to six chicken sandwiches, plus other as yet unnamed items.

The McDonald’s menu will also lose some items off the Dollar Menu, to be replaced by more mid-point items in an attempt to bring more customers back. Franchisees have complained that customers wanted more choices in the midrange prices, from $1.50 to $3, and didn’t like having to choose between only low-end or high-end.

Two of the new mid-priced items on the McDonald’s menu will be a new McChicken sandwich and a Double Burger, each with leaf lettuce and a tomato slice.

The company is also looking into selling more of its corporate-owned restaurants and selling them to brand-new franchisee owners, further reducing the corporate holdings.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the McDonald’s menu change, as all of these new changes, are being done by new CEO Steve Easterbrook in an effort to stem the losing tide that has suddenly struck McDonald’s.

Easterbrook, having taken over in March, began by vetting the corporate restaurants to franchises, which will help pare over $300 in costs for a more-streamlined business model. Easterbrook also plans to reduce the usage of antibiotics in the chicken McDonald’s uses, and expanding the McDonald’s menu by adding premium burgers and sandwiches.

Easterbrook has already begun working on streamlining the McDonald’s menu, removing all of the snack wraps items, and many of the chicken sandwiches. During the summer months, the McDonald’s menu will also include fresh and frozen lemonade drinks. Perhaps the biggest news about the McDonald’s menu is that the company will expand its breakfast menu in specific markets to all-day breakfast. Currently being run in San Diego, it will soon expand to Nashville, Tennessee, for further examination.

One newer Easterbrook initiative will be the Create-Your-Own-Burger, which will start out inside the restaurant only. Franchisees, though, fought back on this concept, saying that since 60 percent of all business comes from the drive-thrus, there should be a drive-thru option for what’s now being called tastecrafted.