‘Castle’ Cast News: Stana Katic Returning For Season 8, Nathan Fillion Already On-Board

Castle fans may still be relishing the Season 7 finale episode that aired Monday night, but now there is good news to embrace about the future of the show. Stana Katic, who plays Kate Beckett, has signed on for one more season of the show. Nathan Fillion, who plays Rick Castle, had already signed a new deal.

TVLine shares the big news that Stana Katic is “in” for Season 8 of Castle. ABC has just recently renewed the show for another season, though there are some big changes ahead behind the cameras.

Writers Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter will move into the showrunner positions, as David Amann is not coming back. Significant changes behind the scenes do tend to make viewers nervous, but the show has survived some substantial shifts to get to this point already, so hopefully, things will flow smoothly. It does sound as if the cast and crew are excited about where things are headed with the news another season is on the way.

During the Season 7 finale, as Entertainment Weekly notes, viewers learned what drove Rick Castle to become a mystery writer. As the last episode wrapped, there was a sense that everything could have ended on that note, surely a move made on purpose as nobody knew for certain the show would be back.

Castle has reconciled what he went through in that initial experience in the woods when he was young and Beckett has new career opportunities that she may not be able to resist. Things are in a good place for most everybody, but then the phone rings with a new case.

Many fans would say, however, there is plenty more to tackle in Season 8, and they’re glad ABC has renewed the show. Just what was going on in those months where Rick was missing? Everybody has been left hanging on that front for now, but answers may come in the fall.

Since the network went ahead and renewed Castle prior to Stanic signing for another year, clearly they had a plan for moving forward even if the character of Kate departed. Fans surely would have given the show a try, but it seems most are breathing a sigh of relief now that both Beckett and Castle are returning.

Where would you like to see the show head in Season 8, which some think may well be the last? Stay tuned for more Castle spoilers as the show moves forward with both Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in the mix of things for another round.

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