Kim Kardashian ‘Selfish’ Book Launch: Kim Bans Selfies At Book Signing, Book Receives Rave Reviews

Kim Kardashian has reportedly banned selfies from her Selfish book launch and signing event in New York City. The launch of her new book took place at the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue, according to a new report.

Kardashian, 34, is notorious for taking hundreds of selfies on her Instagram account, but she didn’t want any at the event. According to the report, the no-selfie rule was enforced to “keep the overflowing line moving.” Thousands of fans swarmed to Barnes & Noble for a chance to meet the most famous Kardashian of them all. Some of them even camped out in front of the store overnight for a chance to meet the Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality star.

One person managed to break the no-selfie rule at the book signing. The New York Daily News reporter Reuven Blau tried to take a quick selfie with Kim, but he was told not to.

“There were strict rules against engaging with Kardashian at all. Nothing would be allowed, we were told… ‘No photos or inscriptions!’ a beefy security guard repeatedly warned. I had other ideas. The plan was to secretly yank out my phone just as I finally made my way up to the desk where she was signing… My editor needed that shot — and my wife told me not to bother coming home if I muffed it… The resulting photo isn’t perfect — I’m sort of looking in the wrong place and Kardashian is out of focus.”

Kim Kardashian’s new book, Selfish, is a coffee table book that celebrates 10 years of her iconic selfies and candid moments. The book chronicles the reality star’s career and life in more than 400 pages. It includes photos of Kim’s famous assets, along with photos of her friends and family, celebrity friends, husband Kanye West, and daughter North. Kim wanted to publish the book to document her life and connect with her fans, according to Yahoo! News. She’s become famous for sharing her selfies with her 31 million Instagram followers, why not bank off it?

Selfish has already received rave reviews even though it’s not a literary work out of art. Time reporter Sarah Begley says that Kardashian’s new book is anything but “selfish.” It was not created so she could show off her selfies. Begley believes it’s an ode to Kardashian’s alleged glam squad or the people that make her look good every day.

“The point of Selfish, as the title cheekily suggests, is Kim’s marveling at Kim. But in the age of styling, make-up and contouring, to show off her styled, made-up, contoured self is also to pay tribute to the stylists who make her look the way she does. The architecture of the Sistine Chapel may be exemplary, but it’s Michelangelo’s paint job that packs in the crowds.

“The book is effectively a portfolio for Kardashian’s legion hair and makeup artists, who can point to its pages’ chronological trajectory as proof that they were part of her transformation from Paris Hilton’s sidekick to one half of the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple, half of whom really did #breaktheinternet. She’s right to give credit where credit is due; and she’s also probably right to end the book on a photo with her husband, who many believe has been her most effective stylist yet.”

Slate senior editor Laura Benett calls Selfish Kim Kardashian’s latest “masterpiece.” She noted how easy it is to get lost in the book, as vapid as it may be. Benett also remarked about Kim’s effortless makeup in the photos.

“If there is a supporting character in Selfish, it is makeup. ‘I can look at any photo of myself and can tell who did my hair and makeup, where I was and who I was with,’ Kim says. (The requisite ‘no makeup selfies’ she includes feel about as out of place here as a business suit at a drag show.) In 2008, she met Mario Dedivanovic, who would become her lifelong makeup artist, and she captions a photo of his disembodied hands applying lip-liner to her mouth: ‘After this photo shoot he took me makeup shopping because I loved how I looked and how that made me feel.'”

It seems like Kim Kardashian wanted to document her iconic hair and makeup looks in the best way she can. Do you intend on buying her Selfish book?

[Image: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]