Blue Moon Lawsuit: MillerCoors Sued By Home Brewer Who Wants ‘Craft Beer’ Taken Out Of Blue Moon Description

A Blue Moon lawsuit has been filed against MillerCoors by Evan Parent, who is tired of the company referring to the brew as a “craft beer.” According to the Huffington Post, Parent is a home brewer based out of San Diego. He says that the Belgian-style white beer is not a craft beer, and MillerCoors has been misleading people by their description of the brew.

“In his suit, filed last month in California state court, Parent contends that MillerCoors has been misleading the public with the ‘crafty’ beer it’s been brewing for 20 years — and getting a premium price for — because Blue Moon doesn’t fit the Brewers Association’s strict definition of a craft beer. He seeks an unspecified amount in damages for misleading advertising and unfair competition.”

The Blue Moon lawsuit alleges that MillerCoors has continuously tried to distance its name from the beer, and the company has been “tricking” customers into paying more than they should for the product. According to The Drinks Business, the suit claims that MillerCoors has been allowing people to believe that the beer is being made by a small brewer, when in fact it is created (and owned) by one of the industry’s giants.

“Even though The Brewers Association changed the standards by which a beer is judged to be ‘craft’ in June last year, MillerCoors’ annual production of 76 million barrels is still some way above the 6m barrel limit now allowed.”

A lawyer for Mr. Parent says that small businesses are being undermined by MillerCoors.

“They’re undermining the actual craft breweries, small businesses that are putting their heart and soul into the beer. They’re confusing the public about as to what is a real craft beer and what is not.”

The Blue Moon lawsuit may not be the only one of its kind, either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there could be other beer companies doing the same thing. For instance, Shock Top is a product of the Anheuser-Busch, something that many people did not know. Shock Top is sold as its own entity, and you can’t find a trace of Budweiser on the company’s website.

Did you know that Blue Moon was created by the MillerCoors company?

Do you think Evan Parent has a good case against MillerCoors? Do you think other companies such as Anheuser-Busch will see lawsuits coming their way if Parent wins this case?

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