Texas Teen With Down Syndrome Voted Prom Queen, Quarterback Was Her Date

A Texas teen with Down syndrome was not only escorted to the prom by the high school quarterback, she was also named this year’s prom queen!

Cesyli Prieto has Down syndrome, but her class at McCamey High School has always made the extra effort to help her fit in, and they wanted to make her prom night one she would never forget.

A few days before prom was set to take place, Adrian Alonzo, the football team’s quarterback, decided he was going to ask Prieto to be his date. With the help of his teachers and classmates, he planned a special way to ask her.

“And there’s these boxes and every time you open one a balloon pops out and it spells prom,” McKenna Ford, a fellow senior, said, according to News West 9.

“He had told me right before, right before it all started he was like, ‘Coach Mitchell I am so nervous my hands are sweating,'” Bridgette Mitchell, Alonzo’s teacher told reporters.

“His hands were sweating and you can see in the video that he was wiping his hands off because he was sweating so bad,” Amy Acosta, another teacher at McCamey, said.

Alonzo said he was very nervous about his “promposal,” saying he was afraid Prieto would say no.

“Oh yea I was nervous, I was nervous she was going to say no,” Alonzo said.

Cesyli, of course, said yes. She picked out the perfect dress, and a shiny tiara, and the two went off to do what Cesyli loves to do best — dance! They did, however, perform the tradition of exchanging corsages and boutonnieres beforehand.

Alonzo’s request wasn’t the only surprise the senior class had for Prieto. They had determined that she would be named the 2015 McCamey High School prom queen.

“It really made me proud, the fact that I’m a principal of a high school, and I knew this already, but that we had such great, caring thoughtful kids,” Jay McWilliams, the principal of the high school, said.

Many of the seniors said it was the best prom to ever take place at McCamey.

“It was probably our best prom yet here at McCamey. It was fun, it was really enjoyable,” Ford said, according to HLNTV.

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