Sheila Graham Trott, Kelly Brennan: Florida ‘Visions Of Murder’ Case To Air On Tonight’s ’48 Hours’

The case of Sheila Trott, the woman who claimed to know that her friend was lying dead on a Florida beach five years ago, will have her side of the story presented tonight on the latest episode of 48 Hours. Tonight’s intriguing episode will investigate the events leading up to the murder of Kelly Brennan and the psychic vision that her friend Sheila Trott claimed to have about her death.

The story will be told through reenactments and personal interviews with law enforcement officials, and with Sheila Trott, an inmate at a local Florida correctional facility.

The true crime case of Kelly Brennan made headlines in February of 2010, when her dead body was found on a beachside in Marks Landing, a strip area that belongs to Melbourne Beach. Brennan, a local Indiatlantic nurse was reported missing after she failed to show up at work, something that her coworkers found very strange.

Mysteriously, around the same time Kelly Brennan’s friend, Sheila Graham-Trott, called 911 to report that she was seeing visions, and that she believed that something terrible had happened to her friend Kelly.

As the operator probed further, Sheila Graham-Trott stated that she was seeing visions of Kelly Brennan’s face in the dark, and that she believed that Kelly Brenan’s body was at Marks Landing.

Though the story sounded far-fetched, investigators did a helicopter search, which located Kelly Brennan’s body in the brush at the exact location that Sheila Trott had indicated.

Trott tried to explain that she was having clairvoyant visions, and that in actuality she knew nothing about the case. Law enforcement officials did not believe her and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

At trial, prosecutors alleged that Sheila Trott was no clairvoyant — she was a murderer. No one is exactly sure what role the visions actually had in the case. It wasn’t clear if she was having memories of murder, or if she was having real visions.

The prosecution alleged that Sheila beat Kelly Brennan about the head and face and placed her body in the brush on the beach, and later had memories of a crime that she actually committed. The motive? Investigators stated that Sheila Trott believed that Kelly Brennan was having an affair with her estranged husband, former Indiatlantic mayor, Dan Trott.

In the end, the Brevard County jury found Sheila Trott guilty of first-degree murder.

Now friends and family members continue to mourn the death of Kelly Brennan, a gorgeous woman who loved being a nurse, and they are happy that the woman responsible for his senseless murder is paying the price.

The topic of visions and murder have been played out before on television. And the visions have actually helped solve real cases.

In one case, a psychic kept having visions about a track star who had been reported missing but was later found shot to death in an area not far away from her home. In that case, the psychic solved the murder by revealing that the dead girl said that it was her mother who had killed her.

The strange case of Teresita Basa is another case that was solved due to visions someone had about her murder. The visions turned out to be accurate and a coworker was arrested in that case.

The 2000 movie A Vision Of Murder was based on the true story of Donielle Patton. In another Lifetime movie, a mother had visions of her daughter being stranded. In that true case, the visions revealed the girl’s location.

CBS 48 Hours Episode: “A Vision Of Murder” tease is below.

“A Florida mother claims she saw the murder of a friend in a dream. Is she a clairvoyant or is she a killer? Peter Van Sant investigates.”