14 Year-Old Boy Pleads Not Guilty To Sexually Assulting His Mother, She Admits To Sexual Dream Involving Him While Drunk

The mother of a 14 year-old boy accused her son of raping her while she slept, according to testimony on court. Her son suffers from ADHD and Aspergers, along with multiple behavioral issues. He has made it a habit of climbing into bed with his mother on occasion. However, his mother did not report any previous accounts of sexual deviation on his part. The mother, who has remained unnamed to keep her son’s identity private, claims she woke up screaming after she thought the rape was a dream, only to realize he was right there with her when she woke up.

According to the Daily Record, the young boy denies any actions of rape toward his mother, stating simply that he was sleeping in her bed with her while she slept off the night’s intoxication. According to the attorney for the boy, the mother simply misidentified the situation, confusing it with her dream.

“The allegation in this case is that the defendant raped his mother while she was asleep. The factual basis of this case is that he was in his mother’s bed.The issue is not any assertion of consent, or belief of consent. It is the prosecution’s assertion there was penetration and the defendant’s denial of that allegation.”

The mother shared that living with her son is difficult at best, he has a tendency to become violent and unruly. According to the mother, the months leading up to the accusation of rape were a ‘nightmare’, according to the Mirror. The court wondered if the accusation may have been a means to eject the boy form her life, allowing her less stress and more freedom.

According to the prosecution, the mother was asleep naked in her bed, except for her underwear, and the son climbed into bed with her because his bed was uncomfortable and the sheets were ripped. The mother was sleeping on her side and the son was next to her, his arm draped over her. The mother attempted to share her son’s behaviors with the court.

“He’s really aggressive towards me, throws things and hits me with things like slippers and cushions. Only two days ago I got cut. This is me trying out ground him and instil some punishment for the way he has been.”

Upon the conclusion of the trial, the court sided with the young boy, stating that he was not guilty of the accusations of rape toward his mother. The mother admitted that she believed the rape to be a dream when she woke up, until she realized her son was draped over her. Although she claims the rape is real, there was no evidence of penetration.

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