‘Supernatural’ Spoilers Reveal A New Threat [Video]

This article may contain spoilers for Supernatural, Season 10, Episode 20.

When the next episode of Supernatural airs, fans will find that the road so far has taken a brief trip down an off ramp, diverting the tenth season running plot of the Mark of Cain and First Blade. Recent episodes of Supernatural have focused almost exclusively on finding a way to rid Dean of the Mark of Cain, but that will change when Castiel (Misha Collins) needs their help.

It was revealed earlier in Supernatural’s season that Castiel’s prolonged use of Jimmy Novak’s body would have repercussions for Cas as well as for the Novak family. In the Supernatural episode titled “The Hunter Games,” Cas sought out the daughter of Jimmy Novak, Claire, finding a troubled, street-wise teenager in need of guidance. By the end of the episode, nothing had really been resolved, leaving Claire and Castiel to go off in their separate directions.

The upcoming Supernatural episode, “Angel Heart,” reunites Claire and Cas, when it’s revealed that she has turned up a lead on the whereabouts of her missing mother, Amelia (Leisha Hailey). Castiel is only to eager to help, but, feeling overwhelmed by the situation, calls for backup from the Winchester brothers.


As is usually the case on Supernatural, the team soon finds out that things may not be quite as cut and dried as they had at first seemed, when a heavenly assassin shows up to hunt down a dangerous foe. Along the journey to locate Amelia, the Supernatural boys learn that the assassin is on the hunt for the ultimate monster: Claire.

Whatever surprises Claire seems to hold for fans in this Supernatural episode, it seems that one of them is a smart mouth, which she wastes no time in unleashing on Dean, her sworn enemy. In a scene typical of Supernatural‘s style of comic relief, Claire (Kathryn Newton) tells Dean (Jensen Ackles) that he seems “Pretty old.”

“How dare you,” Dean responds, obviously offended.

Everything seems to be headed for a bad end in this Supernatural episode, when it’s revealed that Amelia has been absent from her daughter’s life for reasons beyond her control. It isn’t long before Dean and Sam predict that Claire may not get the happy ending for which she had hoped.

Even the Supernatural spoilers don’t reveal what happens to Amelia, but the secrecy surrounding her captors and her location suggests that this episode of Supernatural may have more twists than even diehard fans can predict.

Supernatural, “Angel Heart,” airs Wednesday, April 29, on the CW network.

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