‘The Vampire Diaries’ Spoilers: New Teasers For Nina Dobrev’s Exit Released

The Vampire Diaries will soon say goodbye to Nina Dobrev, and there are new spoilers for her exit from the series from TV Line. Elena Gilbert will have some trouble on her hands on this week’s episode, titled “Because,” because Caroline will not hold back with her words after she is locked up with Stefan.

The CW, via Spoiler TV, released an inside look at this The Vampire Diaries episode, and it is revealed that Caroline, who is played by Candice Accola, will speak up and force Damon and Elena to look at their relationship.

She has no idea that Stefan has his humanity back, and he is working with Elena and Damon to switch Caroline’s humanity back on, as well. Elena and Damon will not be happy with what Caroline has to say.

TV Line did offer a new teaser about Damon and Elena on Wednesday. Damon has the cure, and he needs to decide whether or not to tell Elena he has it. This decision plays a big role on upcoming episodes of the series.

“It certainly seems like Elena’s jonesing to take the cure, doesn’t it? We can’t confirm that Elena will end her run as a human or a vampire, but know this: Damon’s decision to share the cure with her (or not) will result in a ‘massive fallout’ — not just for Elena, but for everyone on the show, according to executive producer Caroline Dries.”

Dries did not reveal much about Elena’s exit, but she did share a few words about it to TV Line.

“Surprising. Satisfying. Intriguing. Hopeful. Sad.”

Julie Plec also shared a teaser of her own on Twitter when asked about the impact Elena’s exit will have on Damon. He has said that he would not be able to live without her, after all.

Without Elena, things will change drastically during Season 7 of The Vampire Diaries. The love triangle will end. The love triangle between Damon, Elena, and Stefan is still a factor on the series. It comes up from time to time.

The cast has wrapped up production on Season 6. After Nina announced her departure from the series, rumors did pop up that it was because of the end of her relationship with Ian Somerhalder. However, according to a previous Inquisitr report, he slammed those rumors.

Are you ready for the exit of Elena Gilbert on The Vampire Diaries?

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