Frustrated Man Gets Busted For Shooting His Computer

A frustrated man shot his computer eight times. According to Colorado Springs police, Lucas Hinch, 37, was so upset with his computer Monday night; he took it in the back yard and “executed” the useless device.

Most people can relate to the frustration of having a slow and unresponsive computer – a computer that gets hung-up and periodically crashes. However, it appears Lucas went a little bit too far in trying to deal with his frustration.

According to a story in the Gazette, Colorado Springs police Lieutenant Jeff Strossner offered the following comment regarding Lucas “effectively disabling” the computer.

“He got tired of fighting with his computer for the last several months. He was having technology problems, so he took it out in the back alley and shot it.”

Man Shot His Computer
A man shot his Dell XPS 410 computer. (Colorado Springs Police Department)

Though Hinch received a citation for discharging a weapon in city limits, he took the legal reprimand with a grain of salt. Police officials said Lucas claims he didn’t realize he was breaking the law and appeared good-natured about the whole incident. Lucas will face a judge to determine his penalty.

Lucas Hinch is not the only man frustrated with computers and all the potential difficulties one might encounter with the electronic device. Tommy Jordan filmed himself shooting his 15-year-old daughter’s computer in 2012. The YouTube video received more than 38 million views.

In a Huffington Post interview, Jordan explained why he took his 45-caliber revolver and shot his daughter’s computer with nine, exploding hollow-point bullets.

“My daughter acted up on Facebook, what my mom would have called ‘in front of God and everybody,’ so I responded in front of God and everybody.”

It turns out, after Jordan took his daughter’s computer away from her for two months prior to recording the video as a form of punishment. He warned her if she misbehaved again, he would “put a bullet through it.”

Jordan commented about his kept promise.

“The point was I did exactly what I said I was gonna do.”

Campbell was charged with felony count of criminal mischief, as well as misdemeanor counts of providing false information to the police, public intoxication, and carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence, according to a United Press International article.

Computers take up a good portion of many people’s lives, as frustrating as they can become. A few individuals find it rather difficult to deal with computer dissatisfaction, irritation, and aggravation. However, hostility aimed at these technological devices can be quite costly.

By the way, disgruntled Tommy Jordan wants his daughter to pay him for the hollow-point bullets he used to execute her computer.

[Featured image via Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images]