Grandpa Tries To Fix ‘Frozen’ Computer With Hair Dryer [Video]

A grandfather apparently took it literally when his grandson told him a personal computer was “frozen.”

If this video that has gone viral is legit (see embed below), the elderly man busted out a hair dryer to warm up the machine based on an alternative interpretation of frozen.

It remains to be seen if the creative granddad might be able to forge a second career in tech support.

The London Telegraph provided some background on the footage which reportedly was initially uploaded to SnapChat before it found its way to YouTube.

“The video, captured by 23-year-old Jeremy Hernandez at home in California, shows his grandad pointing the dryer at the machine in what he says was a misguided attempt to fix it.”

Quipped the New York Daily News, “Hernandez later entered the family’s study with his camera and filmed his relative sitting quietly in front of the electronic with a hair dryer. He is moving it across the machine — presumably to warm it up so it would work… But [the older man] doesn’t seem to realize the expression means the computer has stalled, and not that it needs to be thawed. Hopefully, [Hernandez] didn’t also tell his grandfather the computer had a virus. He may have thought it needed to see a doctor.”

About the video, Elite Daily observed that “This grandfather is certainly steps ahead of the people who think a computer mouse is a tiny rodent that helps to facilitate simple tasks, but based on the way he attempted to fix his frozen computer, he still has a little bit left to learn.”

Noting that millennials and other constituencies among the digital generation or generations will eventually become seasoned citizens too, Barstool Sports, in its own irreverent way, issued a plea for understanding of the California grandpa:

“We all laugh at these old people now but, if we make it that far, we will eventually turn into them. At some point you’ll stop staying up on the current iPhone or laptop and your head will pop off the pillow 30 years later trying to unfreeze a frozen computer with a hair dryer. Or whatever the 2050 equivalent to that will be.”

As essential and generally reliable as they are, working with computers can sometimes be frustrating, especially when they freeze up at the worst possible time.

That being said, what do you think of this grandfather’s hair dryer remedy for “thawing out” a frozen computer?

[top image via Shutterstock]