Johnny Depp Is Missing? Actor Appeared To Have Troubles Before Disappearing Mysteriously

Johnny Depp is reportedly missing — or at least that is what multiple media sources are reporting. As shocking and unbelievable as that sounds, there are no reports to indicate that it’s not true. Vanity Fair is one of the credible sources reporting that the actor may have disappeared. The famous magazine (and now website) declared that they’re trying not to panic, presumably as fans of the beloved longtime Hollywood actor.

So where is Johnny Depp, and why would he go missing? The actor was supposed to be in Australia to film the latest installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise of films. However, he reportedly missed his flight — which in and of itself isn’t a reason for alarm. What has caused alarm, however, is the fact that Depp has not reached out to anybody in Oz, so they’re all left scratching their heads and wondering where he is. They’re not the only ones.

The Gold Cost Bulletin reports that people are a little angry with him, and at least one person has referred to the aging actor as unprofessional for pulling a no-show and falling out of contact. A crew member who’s not being named offered his sentiment, which is not at all positive.

“It’s quite unprofessional of Johnny to leave everyone waiting and wondering what’s happening.”

Johnny Depp hasn’t been seen in public since March 12 after he flew home from Brisbane to Los Angeles. Vanity Fair says that he is “essentially off the grid” and hasn’t been in contact with anybody. To make matters more curious, there are new gossip reports circulating about relationship troubles between him and Amber Heard. Yahoo! News reports that the two are having marital problems, but Amber hasn’t spoken out, and neither has Depp. Confusingly, Amber hasn’t spoken out about Depp’s presumed disappearance. In other words, nobody knows what’s going on, and nobody knows where Depp is.

Where in the world is Johnny Depp? Sources have claimed that he was “partying hard” the last time he was in Australia, and others have declared that he had been “acting strangely.” He also just underwent surgery after injuring his finger while filming the latest Pirates movie. So there are numerous elements to be considered regarding his absence and silence. Yahoo! News reports that there are rumors on the set that he may be in rehab, even though his reps have told them that he was still recovering from surgery as recently as Friday.

[Photo: Johnny Depp/Wikimedia Commons]

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