WWE News: Despite Concussion WWE Is Pushing For Daniel Bryan To Wrestle At WWE Extreme Rules

As you might have seen this past week, WWE Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan didn’t wrestle on WWE RAW. He did make an appearance in a tag team match on WWE SmackDown, however. Many wondered why he missed RAW, as he clearly was there and even made a backstage appearance. The rumor was that he was going to take on WWE United States Champion John Cena in a hard-fought match. RAW seemed to be bad this week and off in many ways. Could the match’s absence have led to that?

We know now that since the match was supposed to go long, Bad News Barrett ended up lasting a while against Cena. It made sense to have Barrett replace Bryan due to the UK affiliation. However, many still wanted to see Bryan. The reason he missed time and only did tag matches was because of an injury. WWE didn’t know exactly what was wrong with Bryan, so they wanted to get him back to the United States to seek medical treatment, which is why he was sent home from the European Tour.

It turns out that Bryan has a concussion.

It is believed that Bryan suffered one in a match with Sheamus before the European Tour even kicked off, but how he did so is unknown.

According to Daily Wrestling News, despite the believed concussion, WWE is pushing for Bryan to wrestle Barrett for the IC Title at WWE Extreme Rules. It is said that if WWE would have known Bryan had a concussion while in Europe, WWE wouldn’t have let him do any matches, even a tag team one. So the fact that he has been diagnosed with a concussion and WWE is pushing for a match seems a bit weird.

Of course, if Bryan can pass all tests needed, then chances are he’d be okay to wrestle. We don’t know how bad it is, so it’s tough to say that Bryan wouldn’t pass any tests. However, due to CM Punk exposing some holes in WWE medical, if WWE wants a guy to perform, he will do so. Punk mentioned that he felt strange after the Royal Rumble in 2014. WWE then had him do some tests, and Punk knew things weren’t right. However, WWE wanted him to be on WWE RAW and didn’t seem to care about his safety. He then mentioned WWE testing was a joke.

It is not known whether or not WWE has continued with the same patterns that Punk alleged. Yet to put a guy in a match after being diagnosed with a concussion within the last month does seem reckless. Again, we do not know how bad Bryan’s concussion is or if he could or could not pass testing. Since he had it before the tour kicked off, one does have to wonder if he made things worse while wrestling. WWE does need to be careful with such a guy, especially due to him being back from another injury.

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