Kristen Lindsey Dreamed Of Being A Vet And Killing Animals, According To Old Blog

Dr. Kristen Lindsey has been fond of “killing things or trying to kill things” for some time, as her old blog reveals. After completing a recent post about Lindsey, I was referred to a 2011 blog she maintained called Life Writings from the Lazy Boot. It appears she abandoned it a short while before she began her journey to become a licensed veterinarian.

The final blog post is about her grandfather, but it’s what is written beneath her blog post that’s particularly chilling. At least, when one considers the photo Lindsey took of herself with a dead cat.

“Current interests: Living my days to the fullest, finding the meaning of happiness, killing things or trying to kill things (animals, a full glass of whiskey, hangovers, etc), my friends (both near and far), spending time with my dad, the outdoors in general, fly fishing on Shell Creek until it’s too dark to see, hunting with my dad and better yet…learning from my dad as we hunt.”

Hunting for sport is a topic of great controversy. Hunting advocates see it as a hobby and way of life whereas animal rights advocates often view it as cruel and inhumane.

But what’s especially interesting is that it puts the photo that Kristen Lindsey posted on her Facebook into glaring perspective, possibly also explaining her reason for using a bow and arrow to kill the orange tabby cat. Hunting animals with this weapon is legal in the state of Texas provided certain rules are followed. If you’re wondering, feral and non-feral cats don’t qualify.

Suddenly it makes sense that Dr. Kristen Lindsey would kill a cat and then proudly pose with the animal as if it were a trophy.

What remains puzzling is why Lindsey would think this behavior would be appropriate for a veterinarian. It seems that even though Kristen Lindsey loves animals and wildlife, there is a huge cognitive dissonance that puts her love of hunting at odds with her veterinarian practices. While vets may have to euthanize animals from time to time, this is typically done in a painless compassionate manner.

The instinct of a supposedly well-trained veterinarian to dispose of an animal with a bow and arrow is highly disturbing, not to mention unethical. Just because feral cats are “wild” doesn’t make them animals to be hunted down and collected as trophies.

Dr. Kristen Lindsey is expected to meet with law enforcement officials next week.

[Image Credit: Kristen Lindsey/Blogger]

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