Toledo First Graders Caught Performing Inappropriate Adult Acts At School

An investigation is underway after a group of Toledo first graders were caught performing sex acts at school.

Police were called to the Rise and Shine Academy in Toledo, Ohio on March 18 after Dr. Pat McKinstry, the CEO of the charter school, was informed that a student reported to their teacher that something “nasty” was taking place in the restroom, CNN affiliate WTOL reports.

According to the police report, three females, ages 6, 7, and 8, were inside the restroom when the first grader initiated the inappropriate activity with the two other students.

The teacher immediately reported the incident, and all three students were called in to the principal’s office to wait for their parents’ arrival.

The girl who initiated the sex acts has not been back to school and must undergo counseling before she can return.

“We have not let that child come back. It’s disheartening, it’s sad to me that we have to terminate her if her mother would not be honest enough to get this baby some treatment,” McKinstry said.

There was a school policy in place that requires teachers to supervise bathroom breaks. Because the teacher responsible for the students during the time of the incident failed to properly supervise them, she has been terminated from the school. The policy has now been amended to only allow one student in the bathroom at a time.

“We’ve been made aware with the situation that involves like age children and due to the sensitivity of the matter, because of the ages of the children, the incident is still under investigation,” the school said in a statement. “We’re not at liberty to discuss further details, but additional policies have been put into place to ensure the continued safety of our children.”

The 7-year-old’s mother spoke about the incident, stating that something needs to be done.

“My daughter is considered the victim. They think that they bribed my daughter into doing things,” the mother, who has pulled her daughter out of school and filed a police report, said, according to CBS News. “Not once but twice. And the first time she said she didn’t say anything because she was scared.”

“Something needs to be done,” she added. “Especially if they’re not keeping a close eye on the children and this is what’s going on at the school.”

The Toledo Police Department said that the investigation has been turned over to Lucas County Children Services. Julie Malkin, the public information officer at LCCS, told HLN, “All we can say is that we are investigating.”

The Toledo school has hired a psychologist to work with the first graders involved.

[Photo via Facebook/Rise and Shine Academy]