WWE News: Rumor Killer On Roman Reigns’ Family Being Upset At ‘WrestleMania’ Finish

One week has transpired since one of the greatest WrestleManias in WWE history. The Undertaker made his WWE return against Bray Wyatt, Triple H and the WWE took down Sting and WCW once and for all, and Seth Rollins made history and captured the WWE World Heavyweight championship. Included in the Rollins win was a collapse of the Roman Reigns empire.

His dream run to WWE’s echelon of talent ended in tragedy at WrestleMania 31. Earlier in the week, it was reported that Reigns’ family, the Anoa’i family, was furious at the loss of Reigns. The quote in the headline claimed they were “looking to start a war.” Whether the headline was exaggerated or not, the report circulated around the WWE Universe all week.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Reigns’ family believed that he would win at WrestleMania. There’s no blame on them because Reigns didn’t find out until halfway through WrestleMania what the plans were. To every rumor, there is a possibility that is only that — a rumor. This time around, that’s exactly what happened.

Michael Hayes, a WWE producer, took to Twitter and discounted any rumor about Roman Reigns’ family that started.

That tweet from Hayes sets straight the rumor started by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He is a well-respected journalist in the WWE field who often breaks WWE rumors before they happen. Meltzer usually doesn’t defend his work, as WWE rumors rise or fall. Just like the rumor-killer in Hayes, Meltzer responded.

“Six different sources on the Sika story by the way. Two more on the Afa side of the family for his reaction. This was not a secret. Was something everyone was openly talking about, both in the family, close to the family, and more.”

Who is correct here? While a WWE agent is defending the Reigns’ family, Meltzer is insisting that six sources told him that the Anoa’i family was very upset over the Reigns loss. Whatever the case may be, Reigns still lost at WWE’s WrestleMania in the main event. He will get his chance to be WWE champion, and that’s almost a guarantee.

Expect a statement from WWE or the Anoa’i family in the coming days. Meltzer isn’t one to report false information about a matter such as this. Then again, Michael Hayes needed to publicly address the situation. One thing is clear, there will be no “war,” as the initial report suggested. Roman Reigns will have his time in the limelight.

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