Scorned Women Coping With Cheating Partners Get Help Online

A couple of scorned women created a website with the sole purpose of helping women cope with infidelity. The website offers support for women in a variety of ways.

Scorned women who experienced a cheating partner in their relationship and women who want to leave, or have had their spouse or partner leave them, can find online help and support in dealing with their issue.

Having experienced infidelity in their personal relationships, two women from South Wales made the decision to set up a website for women who also discovered an unfaithful partner. Since the launching of the website in 2013, close to 130,000 viewers in 158 countries access the site each week.

When Jan Griffiths found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, she reached out to her friends for support. Jo Welch, from Roath, Cardiff, and a friend of Jan is also a victim of infidelity having experienced unfaithfulness in her family. They decided to set up a website for scorned women to share stories, communicate, and offer support to others who learn of infidelity in their relationships.

Co-founder Jan Griffiths, a 49-year-old from Cowbridge briefly spoke to Wales Online about the success of their website.

“It has helped hundreds of thousands of women all over the world and especially in the UK, America, and Australia where we receive the majority of our hits. Its huge success showed us how much-needed it was.”

Jo Welch, the 51-year-old co-founder added the following.

“Heartache is universal. Women will sit in a cafe or with a bottle of wine; men will pat each other on the back and move on.”

The website has four sections that offer advice to women about the four stages they go through when they discover infidelity in their relationship.

The first stage covers the scorned woman’s realization and discovery that their partner has cheated on them. The second stage covers going through an acceptance process. Though acceptance is much harder, the website offers help in coming to terms with realizing a partner is unfaithful.

The third stage is a new chapter in life; it is time to move on. The final stage known as The Other Woman suggests, “It’s easy to judge, but take a quick look around your closest group of friends.”

The Women Scorned website includes expert advice, informative articles, chat rooms, forums, and help for abuse victims. The site focuses on helping women 18-years-old and older.

Discussion forums are comprised of four age groups; in order to help people get guidance, information, and suggestions from their peers.

Jo Welch points out how women can benefit from the website discussions. Jo says, “Forums allow them to speak anonymously about it and to find out how people who have gone through the same thing have got through it.”

Welch said they are working on creating a website for scorned men and children victims of infidelity in the family. Jo adds how infidelity in a parents’ relationship may affect a children. “Your whole world falls apart because daddy or mummy have been unfaithful.”

Other than choosing revenge as a resort, scorned women can get online help and support from experts and other women who share in trying to cope with having infidelity in their relationships.

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