WWE News: WWE Commentator Renee Young Set To Join ‘WWE RAW’ Announce Team?

WWE has always had an influx of talented people to work backstage interviewing WWE Superstars and Divas as well as talented people to call matches. While there is a hope that WWE will continue this down the line, for now WWE seems to be doing well. One such talent may finally be moving up soon. WWE backstage interviewer and resident pre-show host Renee Young may join the WWE RAW announce team.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reports that both WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon and WWE Executive Vice President Kevin Dunn are both high on Young. For now, WWE needs her to do pre-show work as well as remain backstage to do interviews. However, there is very serious talk of bringing her to the WWE RAW announce team sooner rather than later.

While WWE will not remove Michael Cole from the lead commentator position, there is a chance that his duties will go down in the future.

Renee Young has done well when she worked WWE NXT as lead commentator as well as a WWE Superstars color commentator. However, she has never done commentating work for WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown.

Since Josh Mathews left WWE, the company has given all his responsibilities to Renee. The great part is that she took over the roles well and has still kept up with doing a ton of other work that WWE has put on her plate. From hosting random shows on the WWE Network, as well as hosting for WWE DVDs, to working pre-shows — Renee has done it all.

Young Barrett

Which makes us wonder when she’ll get a chance at the table for WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown.

Tom Phillips has proven to be relatively good on the table, but he has been given the opportunity to be there. Renee has not yet, but she has done everything else with major success. On top of this, she knows pro-wrestling as well as anyone in the company and is a legit fan. So what harm could come from having her take over the lead announcer role for WWE SmackDown then one day work a WWE RAW event?

WWE SmackDown is where Michael Cole got his start while Jim Ross did the WWE RAW events with Jerry Lawler. JBL and Cole work RAW now with Booker T while Lawler works with Cole and Byron Saxton on SmackDown.

With Saxton’s terrible work at WWE RAW, Vince is said to be furious with him. So Renee could very well slip into his role as color commentator for SmackDown. What better way to give a diverse look at WWE Superstars and Divas than to have a woman with personality and an older veteran performer working a show?

The only thing we have to wonder is when? When will WWE give Renee Young the chance? WWE fans seem to love her, and WWE higher-ups seem to. Additionally, the WWE Superstars and Divas haven’t had a bad word to say regarding her either. Let’s hope the “sooner” in sooner than later happens quickly.

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