NYC Casino Brawl Video Shows Shooting And Chaos In The 400-Person ‘Royal Rumble’ At Fat Tuesday

A casino brawl video shot in NYC has quickly gone viral because it shows a large crowd going completely nuts at the World Resorts Casino in Ozone Park. The casino fight was so intense that at least one witness compared the casino brawl to a 400-person Royal Rumble, an annual wrestling event held by the WWE.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, the fighting started during the grand opening of the Fat Tuesday daiquiri bar and police believe the casino brawl was gang-related.

When the casino fight broke out, many people started recording their own casino brawl video using their smartphones.

“Didn’t really see much of people calling the cops, you just see people trying to get footage of it,” witness Jermaine Carry told 1010 WINS. The witness claims the casino brawl may have been sparked by people cutting into the long lines.

The fighting initially started in the long lines and crowds near Fat Tuesday but quickly grew out of control, with combatants spilling out into the parking lot. Based upon a car dashcam recording of the casino brawl, at least one man even pulled out a gun and started shooting.

“It was chairs flying everywhere — it was chaotic,” witness Elize Brown told CBS2 New York. “It was nerve-wracking. It was like you don’t know what the next thing that was going to happen was.”

One witness even claimed the casino brawl was as hectic as a World Wrestling Entertainment event.

“It was chaos, it was like Royal Rumble, WWE,” one witness said, although the usage of chairs made it more like WWE TLC.

Casino Fight NYC

Investigators say the casino brawl left at least $4,000 in damage. Responding authorities said at least two people were taken to the hospital with injuries, and people who had nothing to do with the fight were hurt. An officer was also taken to the hospital with a hand injury.

“We are reviewing all aspects of this unfortunate event and are fully committed to taking steps to ensure similar acts do not take place ever again,” the casino said Saturday.

The NYPD are uncertain what started the casino brawl, although they are still searching for a pair of men in connection with the apparent shooting. The various casino brawl videos recorded by witnesses are being analyzed.

Four men were arrested in connection to the casino brawl. Two of the men, Jovan Bovall and Marcus Stewart, were issued a summons for disorderly conduct but were then released without bail. According to KCCI, the third man remains in NYPD custody and has been charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. The fourth man made a court appearance on Saturday but subsequently had all charges against him dropped.