Kylie Jenner Instagram Buzz: Twitter Claims Blackface Controversy [Photos]

Kylie Jenner is currently trending on Twitter, only because of a photo posted on Instagram that shows Kylie appearing futuristic, with darker skin and illuminated eyes. Instead of viewing the unique photo as a gorgeously creative departure from other stylish photos normally seen on Instagram, some folks are using the moment to assume that Kylie is wearing blackface or that she’s trying to appear black.

For the most part, Kylie’s fans are coming to her defense, using the opportunity to educate others on the difference between graphite colors and blackface.

“Folks saying Kylie Jenner went blackface?! Idiots. I didn’t know black people had gray glitter skin. Futuristic?! Yes. Blackface?! Reaching.”

kylie jenner blackface 2

As reported by E!, Jenner had posted a second photo of herself on Instagram, but that photo has since been deleted, along with the words Kylie wrote about wanting to appear in that state of being all the time.

“What I wish I looked like all the time.

Thank you @marcelocantuphoto @joycebonelli @chrisdylanhair @kimmiekyees

The reactions on Twitter to what some claim are Kylie’s attempts to look black or wear blackface are what’s pouring into the social media site and causing heated conversations about race on either side of the issue. Whereas some people on Twitter are saying they saw nothing wrong with Jenner’s photos until they read the comments and reactions, others are acting highly offended. Still others see Kylie’s photoshoot as something more futuristic than racial.

“I doubt Kylie is doing a black face.”

Whereas a segment of the reactions to Kylie’s photo on Twitter featured the reposting of a heated comment somehow linking Jenner’s photo to the same day that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, others on Twitter pointed out how the globe overreacts to the 17-year-old’s every move.

black face

“Anything Kylie does the world has an issue. Getting old as hell.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Kylie has been the subject of controversy before on Instagram, when her boyfriend Tyga posted a description of her beauty, and it brought up accusations involving their age difference and dating. This latest blackface buzz surrounding Jenner seems as overblown as other issues that light up social media and disappear soon thereafter. As such, some folks are professing their avoidance of the social networking site.

“This whole Kylie situation is exactly why I try stay away from Twitter.”

Already memes of supposed shocked reactions to Kylie’s alleged “blackface” photo are filling Twitter.

[Image of Kylie via Instagram]

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