Jessica Alba’s Blue Bikini Photos: Actress’ Family Beach Holiday Goes Viral

Jessica Alba wore a blue bikini on the beach on Friday, and the new photos have stirred up new talk about the actress and her body on the internet. According to E! Online, Alba is enjoying time off with her family in the Caribbean. On Friday, she went snorkeling.

This is not the first time photos of Jessica Alba in a bikini have stirred up talk and speculation about the actress. Last year, some fans were worried about the actress after some photos of her in a bikini popped up online. Many thought the actress was way too skinny.

However, fans have not started with that kind of talk on social media with these new bikini photos. These are not the only bikini photos featuring the actress that have popped up recently either.

According to a recent Inquisitr report, Alba shared some photos of her spring break vacation on her Instagram earlier this week. Her Instagram showed her having fun with model Chrissy Teigen. The model joined Alba and her husband on vacation.

Alba has definitely earned a little vacation time. The actress is also a businesswoman, and she is building her company every single day. Alba is the woman behind The Honest Co. She has expanded the number of products her company sells, and is looking to expand into new areas.

According to a CNBC report, Alba has her an eye on China. She spoke about the future of the company at South by Southwest last month.

“Our customers are demanding that we go even further and offer solids and snacks and later stage foods as well. And our customers have also asked us to do more personal care, so feminine care is a vertical we’re launching in the summer, and in the fall—beauty. Both of those verticals we’ve been working on for years, it’s just now that we’re at the point we can finally launch them. It’s been very exciting developing and I’m very anxious to see how our customers respond. It’s my third baby and I’ve put my heart and soul into it.”

Alba is the mother of two young daughters, and she is trying to set a good example for them. She revealed how she is trying to teach her daughters how to be strong women when they grow older, in an interview with In Style.

“Ultimately, I hope to teach my girls how to be problem solvers and encourage their own curiosity and creativity. Also, empathy and compassion are important characteristics we should all have. It’s fundamental to peace and progress in our personal and professional lives. By the time they grow up, I hope there are more female leaders in every field for them to look up to.”

Jessica Alba realizes that women in today’s society are not considered business leaders. She is a rarity and not the norm. She wants to empower women to do and want more, and she shared her message on World Women’s Day last month. She spoke out about this message to In Style.

“I shared a reminder on my Instagram that women deserve equal pay, education, opportunity and rights. In the U.S., women earn 78 cents on the dollar for doing the same work, we make up less than 5 percent of Fortune 500 company leadership positions, and for every female chief executive of S&P 1500 companies there are four men named Jim, Bob, Jack, or Bill! We’ve got a long way to go before there are more bossladies out there. When it comes to education, women still make up ? of adult illiteracy rates worldwide—a proportion that hasn’t changed in 20 years. What has changed is the opportunity in technology fields. It’s the largest, fastest growing employment opportunity here and women are the leading adopters of technology. Unfortunately, we have half the number of female computer science majors that we did 30 years ago and women are only a quarter of the computing workforce.”

While Jessica Alba makes news with her latest bikini snap shots or for cutting her hair off, she is also making news for her actions that show off her brain skills. In just the last six months, she has expanded her company, and her comments at South by Southwest show that the growth of her company will continue in the months and years ahead.

Jessica Alba is showing the world that she is more than just a pretty face with a great body.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

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