Goro Returns In ‘Mortal Kombat X’

Mortal Kombat X is just a couple of weeks away and NetherRealm is attempting to make sure gamers are chomping at the bit with the release of a brand new trailer. The new video brings back a character that hasn’t graced the Mortal Kombat universe in more than eight years in the form of Goro. Half man, half dragon, Goro was originally a staple of Mortal Kombat, but he fell out of favor among the game’s many developers.

The man-creature with four arms is making his triumphant return in Mortal Kombat X, and not surprisingly, is doing it by showing off his favorite power. The video titled “Goro” will break you and he makes his debut facing off against Johnny Cage by literally ripping a man in two. As GameSpot points out, the fire-breathing man-thing appears to have all his signature moves in Mortal Kombat X. He can hold people in a couple of his arms while pummeling them with his other two, or he can simply have a nice Sunday barbeque with whoever he is going up against.

Goro has also long been known in the Mortal Kombat universe as someone who enjoys rearranging opponents’ spines in the most uncomfortable of ways. There is really only one way players will be able to use Goro, at least when Mortal Kombat X launches. NetherRealm has said that gamers will be able to gain access to him as a playable character if they pre-order the game. The company has also said he’ll be offered up as DLC in Mortal Kombat X, but they don’t know exactly when that DLC will drop.

NetherRealm has been making sure people know their newest game is almost here with a massive series of videos in the last few months. Last week, the developer showed off a little more than 30 minutes of the story mode. That gave players a good idea of what they were going to have to be doing once they finally got to play. That video showed plenty of cinematic action but not a whole lot of actual battles. This video, starring Goro has the same mix of cinematic story telling, with one-on-one clashes with Goro mixed in. Fans of the long running series are likely going to want to get the pre-order just so they can use Goro when Mortal Kombat X finally hits store shelves for the Xbox One and PS4 on April 14.

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