#Bendgate: Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus Isn’t The Only Phablet That Bends – Samsung, HTC Have Equally Vulnerable Devices [Video]

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus isn’t the only large-screened device that is susceptible to bending, proved brave testers who risked multiple phones of popular brands.

The bending epidemic, commonly referred to as #Bendgate, had beset Apple’s latest iPhone models. However, a group of testers using standard testing equipment proved that it is not just Apple’s devices that can feature an unwieldy bend when subjected to a little extreme pressure. Moreover, the testers also uncovered the fact that though Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus might not break, other devices not only broke down, but posed a serious personal injury risk.

The video, which consists of Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge as well as HTC One M9, shows the effects of bend. Interestingly, it appears Samsung Galaxy S6 could be even more prone to bending and breaking than the iPhone 6 Plus. A standardized lab-conducted stress test found that not only would Samsung’s phone bend, it could even shatter under the same conditions that bent Apple’s handset. Summing up the same, researchers from SquareTrade, who conducted the experiment explained the outcome.

“Instead of a bent phone, they may have a pocket full of glass.”

HTC has always prided itself on making sleek-looking, but sturdy devices and it doesn’t disappoint with the One M9. Researchers noted that the HTC One M9 has a higher bending point than the iPhone. But, the phone became unusable at a lower pressure because its power button is located at the same point where the handset bends.

Apple had to take a lot of flake due to the pliability of its iPhone 6 Plus. The #bendgate scandal even inspired multiple products and techniques that suggested how to “unbend” the iPhone. Despite the fact that Apple’s devices have survived worst tortures and the company vehemently arguing hat such damage was “extremely rare,” many remained skeptical.

Though Consumer Reports also attested to the fact that the iPhone 6 Plus was hardly the flimsiest of a group of phones it submitted to bend tests and was a lot tougher than some, iPhone 6 Plus owners continued to report that the handset couldn’t be carried the way previous iPhones had, without risking breakage.

The video may not exonerate Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, but strongly suggests that other large-screened devices which have a high height will remain vulnerable to bends and damage if subjected to external pressures.

As manufacturers continue to cram ever larger screens and even additional functionality along the edges, they are making their devices weaker from a mechanical perspective. Though these companies may fortify these devices with some protection or fancier screens, forces of nature can’t be bent.

[Image Credit | NDTV]

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