Antonio Banderas & Nicole Kimpel Spend Holy Week Back Home in Spain

Antonio Banderas always does his best to travel home to Málaga for the Holy Week celebrations, and this year he’s in town with his new girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel.

While in previous years he has been in the company of former wife, Melanie Griffith, step-daughter Dakota Johnson and their daughter, Stella del Carmen, this year, he gets to show off his beautiful home city to a new lady who also gets to meet the family in Spain.

Banderas split from Griffith in June last year after 18 years of marriage and has now been gradually introducing his new love, Nicole Kimpel, to his life and all it entails.

According to the Spanish language news website, People En Español, they were spotted in Málaga city center first on Saturday, when they attended the lighting of the candles ceremony in the Parish of San Juan and Banderas also participated as a penitent in the Palm Sunday procession in the city.

Banderas has said in the past that Holy Week (Semana Santa in Spanish) is an important holiday and one that he loves to both watch and participate in. He feels that the religious ceremonies and processions that fall over the week leading to Easter Sunday serve to keep the community together.

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kimpel

According to Euro Weekly News, Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kimple, a 34-year-old Dutch investment banker and public relations expert, celebrated their first public engagement last Friday at the Tears and Favors Foundation Gala.

Banderas is very much involved in the charity foundation, which helps the needy in the area.

Now Nicole Kimpel has been well and truly shown off while watching the processions from the windows of Banderas’ apartment in the main shopping street of Calle Larios in Málaga.

You might just get to spot Antonio Banderas in the video at the end of this article of the Semana Santa processions in Málaga, Spain. While every town in the region has its own procession, those held in Málaga are renowned as the most spectacular.

Antonio Banderas
Antonio Banderas and Javier Dominguez Banderas

Other, far more gruesome Easter ceremonies have been held in the Philippines as the Inquisitr reports on the real-life crucifixions that were held there on Friday.

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Photo: Antonio Banderas, Javier Dominguez Banderas by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images]

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