Squatty Potty Taking Care Of Business

Squatty Potty, the toilet stool that allows users to get up and go, Asian-style, has seen drastically increased sales since its debut on Shark Tank in November of last year. A recent rerun of the episode has further increased interest in the family-made footstool, according to an article from Heavy. It also, incidentally, is driving an irresistible urge in journalists to make bad scatological puns. We apologize somewhat in advance.

As previously reported on the Inquisitr, the Squatty Potty first entered the public eye in 2013, with claims that the simple device “can end hemorrhoids, prevent colon disease and offer numerous other health benefits.” It’s a claim backed by solid science, as humans never evolved to do their business sitting, and Western elimination standards are thought to be the primary cause of hemorrhoids, diverticular disease, constipation, IBS, and more.

Since Squatty Potty’s appearance on Shark Tank, and a subsequent $350,000 deal with Lori Greiner in exchange for 10 percent of the company, owners Bobby Edwards and his parents/business partners Bill and Judy have had to increase their manufacturing capacity threefold. After being denied a spot on the show’s fifth season due to resistance to a “bathroom-related” product, they resubmitted the application, stressing the fact that Squatty Potty is intended as a health tool.

Since then, their retail presence has increased five times, and is still growing. According to 2paragraphs, even TV/radio personality Howard Stern is getting off the pot and on the bandwagon as one of Squatty Potty’s most vocal supporters.

“Squatty Potty changed my life,” he says. “I get a full release. I do!”

The success of Squatty Potty has allowed them to significantly increase their variety, adding a stylish slim variant, a more traditional adjustable bamboo stool, and even an inflatable Squatty Potty, for when you need to go on the go. Squatty Potty also markets a bidet, a T-shirt (“I Pooped Today!”), an air freshener spray, and a natural supplement intended to relieve constipation.

Bobby Edwards is convinced that squat toilets will eventually replace sitting toilets in the Western world, and intends to “change the way America Poops, one stool at a time.” A lofty goal indeed.

“Eventually I see squat toilets replacing our traditional modern toilets. Ergonomics in elimination is a huge thing, and more and more people are discovering the health benefits of proper toilet posture. Squatty Potty is the only company talking about this and we are changing the way people poop, one stool at a time.”

Squatty Potty can be purchased from their own site, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and more.

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