How Many Peeps Does It Take To Stop A Bullet? One Peep-Hating Sharpshooter Finds Out [Video]

Kirsten Joy Weiss is a sharpshooter and hater of Peeps. Therefore, Kirsten has spent the past two years terrorizing the marshmallow treats in a bizarre Easter tradition. It seems through Kirsten’s Peep shooting trials that a fluffy vest of the Easter treats may offer some solid bulletproofing capabilities.

Last year, Weiss used her.22-caliber rifle and shot the unsuspecting Peeps from downrange. Weiss noted that ballistic gel testing was her inspiration for the Youtube feat and that the results were astonishing.

“How many peeps does it take to stop a.22 bullet? I just had to find out! With all this ballistic gel testing, I wondered if peeps could stop a bullet. Shooting my lever action.22 rifle at 50 peeps lined up on a board, I found the answer quickly.”

In the video above, you can watch as Kirsten lines up the 50 tiny Peeps and sends a.22 bullet spiraling through the middle. In a moment that left the woman shocked, it only took three and a half Peeps to stop the bullet! The result, though astonishing, apparently left Peep-hating Weiss hoping for more blood. Therefore, she decided to repeat her test again at point-blank range.

This time, Kirsten shoots the first unfortunate Peep in line at point-blank range. She notes that the Peep, which was blindfolded out of kindness, “took it like a champ.” So how many Peeps do you think it took to stop a.22 bullet at point-blank range? Watch the video below to find out!

Did you know that the gooey marshmallow Peeps were capable of stopping a bullet with such efficiency?

Warning: Peeps are not designed to be an effective means of bulletproofing.

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